Feb 2, 2008

Code in the Talbot Interview

Update: 02/02/08 From comments posted by a number of members
It seems like this is nothing more than a a digitial watermark

Thanks to taiphun who e-mailed us about the mp3 audio Talbot Interview

I was on chat and noticed that Gigora
found that the audio file (mp3) that comes from the UCLA radio website
has properties that contain hexadecimal numbers in the Comments
section. This is highly unusual, so it was of great interest to me
when I found my copy of the mp3 and cried purging tears of joy!

The conversion of these hex numbers to binary are as follows:

00000062 01100010
00000073 01110011
00002140 0010000101000000
00001429 0001010000101001
000000B6 10110110
000138F5 00010011100011110101
00007DB1 0111110110110001
00006151 0110000101010001
000000D0 11010000
000138DB 00010011100011011011

The binary, when converted to ascii translates to this:


This doesn't make a whole lot of sense for now, but I think we are
taking steps in the right direction to figuring if this means
anything... perhaps a lead into TMG's website?


censor said...

Anyone tried the file in openstego?

Gavin Jones KY said...

Spook, I got this when I decoded from hex to binanary to text:


Maybe the difference between translators? I don't know.

Gavin Jones KY said...
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Donnie said...

I am afraid it's a not really clue. This

0000012C 0000012E 00003B37 00006179 0000059C 00000582 00007047 00007E28 000B4914 000B4914

was in the Desription for an mp3 podcast from the same site. It's probably a digitial watermark or something

Pandoras said...

If you take an ASCII table, 00001429 for example is "DC4 )". DC4 stands for Device control 4, no symbol is associated with this code. So somehting is missing in your translation, I think there is another way to use that. By the way, nice find !!!

Gigora said...

I'd just like to say that I personally didn't find this "comment code" it came up in chat the previous night but I can't remember who found it. Anyway I also believe it's nothing. Like Donnie said^^

- Gigora

Donnie said...

Here's what I did if you want to check it out for yourself. Go here


and download the sports podcast. The same type numbers are in encoded in that mp3 as well.

Meanwhile. Check out the summary for the 815 podcast(the Talbot interview):

'UCLAradio.com points out that the character and story of Oscar Talbot are, in fact, fictional (very mysterious..), but by continuing your search you can still discover more about Flight 815..'

jomer s. himpson said...

are you sure it's not just replaygain information?

taiphun said...

this may very well be nothing, just as it was said in chat. but ten sets of numbers works out to ten letters. Gavin Jones KY has way too many letters on his decode.

remember, how many times have people said something was nothing (stego) and it actually NOT be nothing?

Beverly said...

10 sets of single-byte numbers are 10 characters (unless you are using a mutlibyte caharacter set or unicode) 10 sets of 4-byte numbers gives you something else. It could be 40 characters (one character per byte, but the zeroes are NULLs so they are not meaningful if it's ASCII). But tt may not be ASCII. It could be something else.

Candice said...

When I download and view the tags, the comment field is blank in both ID3v1 and ID3v2. But I *do* see that the producer was Michael Moskowitz and the BPM is 120 :) Both meaningless.

The file hasn't changed, has it?

James D said...

Its nothing. I don't know if you were using itunes, but I know that Itunes will do that to its music. I used to be psychotic about keeping my music organized, and that was one of the things that infuriated me about iTunes. I didn't want any comment info in any of my music, but Itunes kept putting codes just like that into random songs. Sorry.

Candice said...

I was imagining it was something like that. I don't use iTunes, and I won't use and iPod for reasons just like it.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunely this isnt a clue at all. Its just a Serial watermark number which most MP3's have these days.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

On the page with the Talbot interview, there is a picture of a man underwater. That picture comes from a Canadian space site. Was this picture just randomly used? Or is there something else to it? (Probably not)

maria_bisbalera said...

Hi, everyone.

I too think that the numbers are just a watermark.
But when I saw the name Michael Moskowitz i had begun find it in google (and though then i found that it is the person of ABC (really I have never heard about him, I'm not the specialist)
and the first site that i found was the site about neurosurgery. And we all know that Jack is spinal neurosurgeon. Just coincidence, but funny, that one can find anything where is nothing really. Who knows?

And the other Michael Moskowitz (i don't know how much are they) is the president of canadian satelite holding, and the picture from site with interview with Talbot is from canadian too. Well, another coincidence...?

John said...

anyone know morse code? I've been running the binary through a translator all day and trying to teach my self morse code at the same time.

It may go nowhere like you said but its worth checking out. It would kinda stink if it read:

Login in as Jmaxwell Pasword is Electro

and we all blew it off lol

Edward said...
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Mr_Eko said...
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Anonymous said...

I was the overzealous geek who found the code and brought it up in the chat room. My vain attempt to contribute to the collective....

Anonymous said...

Someone else mentioned maybe stego again. There's a program called MP3Stego that's a command line tool. Google it and you'll get the link for it. So I just tried it a few minutes ago, ran the decode sequence, when prompted for a passcode I pressed enter twice for a null password. It started decoding. It spit out a text document which appears to be Chinese or some other Asian character. It must just be garbage...or it might be something valuable. Here's what mine spit out.

鶻툨솠৛瑽穜軮릟囩ⱈ継丏ᥣ烩Ῡ⥦髢꠼뫦豨ᑯ痆㫣韔뗹᳹ぶ몢暷謻믥铑ー㏇യ꾳䀟 閿崷᪛뫈쀮捛鸧죆䒢䳿ہ蠡᰼莒膉衫䈫⿁ﲦ䜊舞㍈蟤梉퉵顀뽷Ըळ㢄⋺풆ﭽךﴛꫪ꤯륻ạ쬡຃℆㈿ꐞ꿢ί걶奖୶㣣⛙ḻ抿鰻ず뱉讋⒏㻺贐匾肇脻ࠌ஑簠棸顙㙉훂⫪仐釰৲뫨ᮟ珕爝✊㥐梉탆쬋숻쿟䤯䮷ﱷ臁費ꠍ撆뀐럜ঙȞ됉䗩좨畡س锫יִꠣ婢 亶턶㺑놬뵁熞㊥쓊螺㹡뵐ꎺ痯ፗꖕ筃鎩㼲鐫碛煮ꕔ恾뭢䅑❯厯ʨ㖕쒾路㢱녭ꨐ명鍥¥ᶢ깋颿끜躾쿤矼掩ꔥ浛킟뗎먏ዖ䣵䲤ᦙ撤䈋퓍ㆅᴢ䲚ǒ놎傘鿒□몑⧳녅儧ﵨ፨䥒懟雺忓紘莽䕕鎴䒱喟挑仙䒢惆䭽鈙쓺ﵚ鈛맥鹪Ԉ爱ꔾ걊桹憅忞階䴹䚐㪸≳槖ᅑ㨓敗够揚ꌭ薃௺⋪턒扬ⳛᨻ蒙榞詝嗌絴鉶⏁⻋說幄ꩥ桵鿙䥫渚꩷ᄰ㻢赭応펾ܭ낽릤䋫휃퉤〽鑉葨챧嬄䕀㟞䒣녛㝬卼隩獁쮧鵡ᬑㆋꊦ蝣紶ን굤丨俀萔漙槥琽舚䧵橣膮딉䲆ⴴ┆蒾寕螋儝秼棁奲퀌䉴ရ⺭ﯨ쟲琭籂蠊⹪ꎏ癏ㄬ㳋莻썍ᵓ菬⊢繈ⲣ朷絊ၟ⤖䨲줦र栰΍丷ዶ敮赴빐̦送鄄擘䪏伎뭵옋ቩ柬咂皐釯Ҫ쵽ꖶ砦᭸諑뉾㣟薀닅殔냋ᩥ㢳唬텹엸ㄔԊ퓊够藧邯넀땣ோ◹뺍填̀촔ᕤथ堬뙝ᆗꐑ益ᇸ뭈莛볻誶롯辠農鰃ɤ獮ꍠ쭨림릒꛼Ꭳぷ䪡胆珻ᢔ悽⍭툪谝뒯뼹棘篯愞벲썾䜲앝扭埞錋참檂쀪縨䤄᮫鯺떯⾚鸷뤱襞㩈ﳟꊝ쳖텻ﲘ颵㛆㰙ࡒ븀洯㑻逌᩺걾蛐졕ߞ렫头曩啀턪ᦅ벓蹾亷⬞Ԝ묬㗏᤿醫쟻붫⢀僊봯⨞ꞟ᜵嵛콲҃덞崨ꏇ⠚滉嶼㞐놵釶屭簝躦瑴폓젂཈㲑昘⿰䥒論紕谜붤䶍穢曮䥜扗¥워ꌄﳆ‶烏鞗닌콽莉먇쪠꾫喹蒭Գ遰븐Ꝫ獘狿⒧桄뇽㠫ʇⷭ♑⥍̮⸏쳏荓鈝릠鹠㭓ᦃꕇ⻝솇㸘ꦦ辯E访큨篽Ւ묮俴崀ᾨ礐癛儒籺倢痥噭潗玿救梤۱뗮❷삏ଫ駽岗㝫쥈㗎⠴褵ꏷ顭ē잔ⷝ⪤ᖨ놶Ż❉䷞쬽⏟괙樱᭄⩛겮쫠꥞륯欐窞ేථῳ뚉骴ᣰ恘줤︠黰꧶ఫ明幝ꍴ闪驮叴ᶀ唸䲔憏橵篕ᬾ냗廥긪罢ꛡ栽ෂꋡ鶈黭ఐ肚⩐絼ᯏ㏣匿厌잓펞ﻥ뀳뮯괔抯㿊젘녱䡐谋諸䢺甂ꢿ䐓ͫ䕡足떒디奲≸旞懊湺ꑪ㓞鶯坛Ҫ䩟にﵰ␄협ܣ瓧琞䜮뻻㐏萌﮹㷨ᖺᅇⴃ삙꺖䘸뢠ꮁ뼁緋މ㭑褣퇖鹧쫼䚺儨囋ꤔ薋㲧艁⃄캹၂壛ᶔ쪦鈴磄멫刁ꊃ櫰ᒲ║첐뺈納㑱뢮蛕዆皘囇畝灒ꍙꝎሔ↦ฯ흆께⿫䞅卟軩ᩲփ惂뀻菮NJ봼汿ꆎ㋎낔蟱᳟䌶闇㇖융ꦎ໧猥쒗㔲់䒬澗켏鮙沚왟렖鷌蚴惫嚴暄窗Ո纲뭯鋂ਸ鐠꒖赇섬늻屄洗㹤ᔃ㾽ķ躚᧖굡뼮퇆見塱欲洓釚州菢칮灰ᘙ猿婩㙔㭽䚉鐓ͤΐ缣䓙䰴嵏ױ俲碬ᦒ噪묎⥖䶽銢埓䇔䎩锩삩ꃹ䎽Ꮚ瀳퇝؊ﮯ晌캖漆ꋸ①譞ꯣ꽻三㊶堠竸쟓ꐐ岿ブ䀗ꮿ똦✥郬ㅵ䁤ퟶ甩똫箪엞⨐Ⳗ䨀뙟㔞쌣Ő姌頻瀞㍅꺭碼䇧ɯ佨䝙쫥ন餽眵䙗髢牠鞄偗ޏ抉㍳㨖᪆Ҷ鋦㑕େ纭᷆뢾긣嘥⎻毮㈱쁅豣棱쬈⪱朤洑⒔ᴢᇖ蠍ꑈ↠㽪샿쎚받嗆埛₱恆濉Dﲿᒖ毑ῲ뿘狮ᄄ멞ⷰ辮῿找퉻࿽煤襄⽌०骙흆왂퍆ꈑ봥ೲሧ坻댚类ጓ㘎둲ꚍ䓮ꍌ඗ῥ뽞蒗隷并䠱蛀ᴸ๐⒮핝䣲䄂੼廄❔짒प곑。隖륀ᤩ㩛໵쓔னɁ胞婱떁⊳禿抙蛾雕Ђ︌썉᷀Ḑ剰钭⃦旧랝픚累䟺䫁✡틄퓞呑욊⊮Ḱ댉鯥㙮횗➗┶谿팆᧸굎ᢆ묫݀㒩ᗒꛋ吿잌鍰蔿묚우㪨꿊⒎뒙蒨‰咬窟葝墁᮳삢閆鐶瞶톓䫂⮚醝艷驈땚ঈ六杲덮쁸漁罱ↅ紂鴢묥䤗鸉牽濻⠔쫢ꌒ淁㨇✬쩝狻ﺞ꙽䊿诶鴟体≩苦Т苕瑫خ폿恸뼼ớ᮫趩띶ꢺ벿娫덲솈겮ퟄ菇㊬Ɍ背齪꧗鮽ᮎ⥕礥䩠鮲룔ꓪ풼ᾋ擋N풿ᾋ擋N풿ᾋ擋N

Gavin Jones KY said...

Forensicoo7, that is Korean I believe. I tried to translate the first line through Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Korean was the only one that fully translated.

Rutger Augustus Munz said...

Have you tried to transalte it with google translator?
I've done it in chinese and korean, and get different interesting captions...

Rutger Augustus Munz said...

I post what I got (chinese):

Uighur 툨솠 ৛ Cong  Tongyang 릟 Yun  ⱈ  inheritors丏ᥣ烩Ῡ ⥦ Di ꠼ 뫦㫣Herba ᑯ Ni Chang 뗹 ᳹  love 몢 Chuanyi 믥 rhodiumー㏇ യ 꾳䀟Wenqiu  ᪛ 뫈  쀮 Luqiang 죆䒢䳿ہ ᰼-Chu Yi inference on the shirt䈫⿁ ﲦ䜊dance ㍈ Zhuan ENGLISH 퉵 phone 뽷 Ը ळ㢄⋺ 풆 ﭽ ך ﴛ ꫪ ꤯ 륻 ạ 쬡  ຃ ℆ ㈿ ꐞ 꿢 ί 걶  Award ୶㣣⛙ ḻ  Min eel  verily  뱉 Zhe ⒏㻺 important  Comfort Care Concern Group Hajime Jie  ࠌ ஑ Fuzousang㙉훂 ⫪ Taori ৲ 뫨 ᮟ Li-Jue ✊㥐ENGLISH 탆쬋숻쿟䤯䮷 ﱷ  Lian charges  ꠍ Pie 뀐럜 ঙ Ȟ 됉䗩좨 Gai  س Pei יִ ꠣ Bi Dan 턶㺑놬뵁 Jian ㊥ 쓊 Lo㹡뵐 ꎺ Guan Yin ፗ ꖕ Divisional㼲Juan moraine煮ꕔ Mang 뭢䅑❯ Li ʨ㖕쒾 routes㢱녭 ꨐ 명  Qie ¥ ᶢ 깋 Fan 끜 쿤 Kong Mei Han ON ꔥ 킟뗎  먏  ዖ䣵䲤ᦙ dismantling䈋퓍 ㆅ ᴢ䲚ǒ 놎 umbrella 鿒 □ 몑 ⧳ 녅 Zan ﵨ፨䥒broken 忓Hong Meng Xi Mang䕕pick䒱Huai cents䒢ENGLISH䭽Guo Qin 쓺 ﵚ 맥 Wren Ԉ  love ꔾ 걊 Lang Tong Wen bands䴹䚐㪸≳ Tuo ᅑ㨓lost enough ꌭ Hao Yang Yang ௺ ⋪ 턒 ⳛ ᨻ Meng Yuan Zhu Xiang嗌鉶⏁ ⻋說Wo ꩥ桵 鿙䥫渚꩷ ᄰ㻢ochratoxin recompense 펾 ܭ 낽릤䋫휃퉤 〽 Hewei 챧 Yi䕀㟞䒣녛㝬卼Yuma 쮧 Wu ᬑ ㆋ ꊦ Ephemera strigata Qu ን 굤丨Tuishaotuanhuidutian䧵Ningxiao 딉䲆ⴴ ┆ Miningsouqiongzhuruiche 퀌䉴ရ ⺭ ﯨ 쟲  Lu  Shi cockroach ⹪ ꎏ Wilson ㄬ㳋Neus 썍 ᵓ Zhao Qiang ⲣ ⊢ Muzui  ၟ ⤖䨲줦 र Fa Ha ዶ Xia ΍ to send Juan 빐  ̦ 178䪏Kabuki 뭵  옋 ቩ Cambodia Gao Mang Za Ҫ 쵽 ꖶ Walled ᭸ Zhuo 뉾㣟Yi Wen 닅 냋 ᩥ㢳turn 텹엸 the extra Ԋ 퓊 enough Huan Han 넀땣 ோ ◹ 뺍 fill ̀ 촔   ᕤ थ Yu 뙝 ᆗ ꐑ equity ᇸ뭈 Ting Sui 롯 Zui 볻 farmers鰃ɤ Xian ꍠ 쭨림릒 ꛼ Ꭳ䪡the work of bile Qi Mei ᢔ ⍭ 툪谝뒯뼹 spine-Qian Li  Ruan 벲썾䜲앝 twisting  Dibeng 참 Nao 쀪䤄᮫ Huang Zhi Zhu 떯 ⾚ 뤱 Nailfold㩈 ﳟ  ꊝ 쳖텻  ﲘ Xiao Jie㛆㰙ࡒ 븀㑻You ᩺  걾 Qu 졕 ߞ 렫 first Nang啀턪 ᦅ 벓 Dun   cheaper ⬞  Ԝ 묬 㗏᤿ medical 쟻붫 ⢀ cents 봯 ⨞ ꞟ ᜵ the various   콲 ҃ 덞 Jie ꏇ ⠚ Hwang Lantau㞐놵 Shixieliao Education Jue 폓젂 ཈㲑  Fang  On the fault ⿰䥒mystery 붤 䶍abusive Yan Zai ¥䥜워 ꌄ ﳆ "Wu Tiao 닌콽   먇쪠꾫 quinoline Chu Li Գ 븐 Ꝫ Bi Yan Shi Guang 뇽 ⒧㠫ʇ ⷭ ♑ ⥍ ̮ ⸏ 쳏 Pingyin 릠  Liu㭓 ᦃ ꕇ ⻝ 솇㸘ꦦ argue E  visit 큨   Yu Ւ  묮 UNITED General Assembly NATIONS Distr  Langshan ᾨ Hulin Joinet He Jie Duoqiao潗-Chao Chang save梤1  뗮  ❷ 삏 ଫ Xuan Kong㝫쥈 㗎⠴ bears ꏷ Meng  ē 잔 ⷝ ⪤ ᖨ 놶 Ż ❉䷞쬽 ⏟ 괙 cherry ᭄  ⩛ 겮쫠 ꥞ 륯  Lidan ే  ථ ῳ 뚉 Ci 줤 ︠ ᣰ Qiu Yan Ming幝 ꧶ ఫ ꍴ flash piggyback Qiu ᶀ read䲔Chisanhe  ᬾ 냗 Kuai 긪 stop ꛡ planted ෂ ꋡ Qiyan ఐ belly   ⩐ Zhen ᯏ ㏣匿dislike 잓펞 ﻥ 뀳뮯괔 's㿊 젘녱䡐seeking 諸䢺Bian  ꢿ䐓ͫ䕡foot 떒디 Che懊≸ Sui Ying Tan Yan ꑪ㓞Ҫ䩟 Lo ﵰ ␄ 협 ܣ Shiwasheng 䜮뻻㐏Meng ﮹㷨ᖺ ᅇ ⴃ 삙꺖䘸뢠 ꮁ 뼁㭑Rong Fei މ 퇖 Francolinus chinensis 쫼䚺Zhican ꤔ Zao Zi㲧⃄ 캹  ၂ ᶔ 쪦 Chu Yan Tang 멫 Diao ꊃ Gui ᒲ ║  첐뺈 satisfied 㑱뢮 Hui ዆ acres Qian Qian Li ꍙ Ꝏ ሔ ↦ ฯ 흆께 ⿫䞅porphyrin Dai ᩲ փ Kan  뀻 Geng  NJ  봼 Xu ꆎ  ㋎ 낔 Wu ᳟䌶dark ㇖ 융 ꦎ ໧ Wei 쒗㔲់䒬Stream 켏 facilities zhi 왟렖 system, larva Beiyanxuan window Ո 뭯 Gang Meng ਸ  Praseodymium  ꒖ Qiu   섬  늻  Bi washing 㹤ᔃ㾽ķ District ᧖ 굡뼮퇆 to see zhi Qiu Long Valley, Bao An ape 칮 ash ᘙ㙔㭽䚉upsetting ͤ ΐ Jian Zong 䓙䰴 ױ Xiao Xia ᦒ noise 묎 ⥖䶽Pilie䇔䎩revolution 삩 ꃹ䎽Ꮚ  Jian 퇝 ؊  ﮯ Influence 캖 Chatham ꋸ ① Xuan  ꯣ  꽻 three ㊶  Hou Pageant System 쟓 ꐐ Kui Abraham䀗ꮿ 똦 ✥ Qing ㅵ䁤ퟶ rejection 똫箪엞 ⨐ Ⳗ䨀뙟㔞쌣 Ő Ran頻瀞㍅ 꺭 yards䇧ɯ  Bao䝙쫥 ন fed Di Chi䙗 it Paosheng ޏ resolutely ㍳㨖᪆ Ҷ鋦㑕େ Yun ᷆ 뢾긣 Sai ⎻ Uu ㈱ 쁅 Yan Ling 쬈 ⪱ Langfu ⒔  ᴢ ᇖ scorpion ꑈ ↠㽪샿쎚받 choke Jiong ₱ constant authorities D ﲿ ᒖ Jie ῲ 뿘 lion ᄄ멞 ⷰ braided ῿  find 퉻 ࿽ coal  0 Kui-hsiang ⽌ 흆왂퍆 ꈑ 봥  ೲ ሧ Han 댚 category  ጓ㘎둲 ꚍ䓮 ꍌ ඗ ῥ 뽞 COUNTY隷and䠱borers ᴸ 0 ⒮  핝䣲䄂੼ 廄❔ 짒 प 곑. Wu 륀 ᤩ㩛໵ 쓔 ன Ɂ cell  Fu Xian 떁 ⊳ bald eagles moth Ђ ︌ 썉  ᷀ Ḑ Sheng TOU ⃦  tired old 랝픚  䟺䫁✡   틄  퓞 annexing  욊 ⊮ Ḱ 댉 Lu㙮횗 ➗ ┶ River 팆 ᧸  굎   ᢆ 묫 ݀㒩ᗒ ꛋ吿잌锾 Wei 묚우 㪨꿊 ⒎ 뒙 Ure ‰  bite Cave Fuman ᮳ 삢  Jing Yan Huangui 톓䫂⮚ Cuo Yan Yu 땚  ঈ 2006  Gao  덮쁸 fisheries Zhou Yao suffered ↅ 묥䤗led by Wei Yang Ji㨇⠔ 쫢 ꌒ ✬ 쩝 to do ﺞ ꙽䊿long period of time from the human body ≩ Т Potato Tao خ 폿恸뼼 ớ ᮫ Chi 띶 ꢺ 벿 Yan  덲솈  겮 ퟄ mushroom ㊬ Ɍ back Chuo ꧗ Yu Xin  ᮎ  ⥕䩠sighted in the area 룔 ꓪ 풼 ᾋ block N 풿 ᾋ block N N 풿 ᾋ block

maria_bisbalera said...

I´ve tried several on'line translators with different languages, and no one translate all the text, but some words in it. So, here it is:

from arabic (yeah, I saw some arabic letters and really there are some arabic words too, not only asian languages)
then elsewhere neighborhood fat fever Conference of Group huge file examined

from chinese - the same that rutger have posted

from japanese
passage umbrella sacral floor meet sent packing ̀ spine fold planting to scarlet bell undecillion look at the state ash monkey lacquer Corporation soot vesicle former cumulative fishing bitter back

and from korean (i used two translators and the results are very different
see people Mack
Association Island
it released, person pulses pot rims truths we To cups islands abusive languages pat rights

I don't know, but for me it doesn't make any sense, just so many words...

ANy ideas?

Faisal said...

guys, the password is secured, actually there is no pass, if u try to encode a file, it says that the pass is “secured”, just write it, u'll not see what u are writing, but write it then confirm it, and u'll get nothing, i wonder if there actually anything encoded there, and the text file maybe just a rubbish for the wrong pass you've been entering,
Though… the pcm file sounds interesting, sounds like Morse to me, and there are seconds where it sounds like whispering too, I guess u’ll need I sound editor program, coz it opened it with “Cool Edit Pro 2.0”

Anyway, the interview and the new logo must have something with the user & pass, if there is a user & pass, I would doubt that they would risk someone actually finds them before it’s time to..

Anonymous said...

I opend this mp3 with hexeditor and only what I get is this:
And I think it's nothing important.

graszafa said...

I've been trying to put it "bs!@)¶WÛ8Û" in different types, in someone there appear symbol of loudspeaker and inverted 3.

I've been trying to make wave form mp3, and play it form end to begining (because od inversion 3 )... but I don't know... my english is weak... I've propably heard word: missy any misty....

maybe nothing... I'm not sure

Unknown said...

Has anyone tried listening to the radio station for clues???