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Chapter 4 has begun and with it a new activity. Break your way into the chart plotter to.... Well I'd be able to finish that sentance had I actually solved the activity. Unfortunatley I have not yet been able to do so. It seems Lord Talbot has gotten the best of me for now. How are others doing with the game? Any success tips you'd like to share? Use the comments to brag about your 1337 skills and send in evidence so we can post it!

XaRen sent in this screen of the game prior to completion:

Source: Find 815

Thanks Vanessa for clearing this up:

Can you please let everyone know that it is the AMOUNT of red/white dots that corresponds with the AMOUNT of letters/numbers that you have right. A red dot does not necessarily mean that the letter/number in that position is correct, it just means that you DO have one correct.
Source: Find 815

And thanks Heinze75 for this image of what Sam finds after solving the password:

Source: Find 815


I've finally solved had my hand held through this puzzle. The method I used was none other than that lent by wesh, in the comments of this post. Here is his advice:

Here's how i like to do it, and usually it works out in the first or second try! With pics! :)

* First you enter 1 character
* if you're lucky it's immediatly a red dot!
* since it's only 1 char, you know it's the right one, and the right position too!
* if the first char you enter isnt red, but white, ok, no prob, try another character in the next step
* you continue like this, until your first and only char is red! that way you can take that char to the next level.

I know it sounds complicated and hard to explain. Here are the pics:

Obviously there's still some luck involved in my technique, but it does narrow it down (in my eyes) :)
good luck!

Source: Find815

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