Jan 1, 2010

Introduction to Find 815

"For Sam Thomas, times have never been so tough. His partner, Sonya, was a flight attendant aboard missing Oceanic Flight 815. Sam, a talented IT technician for Oceanic Airlines, is determined to find out what happened. But Oceanic would rather be ‘flying again’. They have abandoned the official search for Flight 815. Sam is distraught, afraid he will never have answers. But then he receives a strange email... Sam has followed the mysterious message from the Maxwell Group to Jakarta and has located the Christiane I. It is just about to embark on an expedition to an undisclosed location. But getting on board might not be as easy as Sam thinks... Sam's desire to leave the Christiane I at the next port comes across an unexpected obstacle, leaving him curious about the identity of Talbot’s employers. Sam's attempt to outwit Talbot and pinpoint the exact position of the coordinates brings unexpected results. Sam's determination to reach the mysterious coordinates risks the lives of all aboard the Christiane I. Will Sam find answers? Or has he made a life threatening mistake? "

Welcome to the new section of the site which will attempt to keep track of the new Lost ARG - Find 815. If you would like to join the Find 815 team, please feel free to email me and I'll get you hooked up.

Quickstart Guide
Check out Lostpedia's Find 815 page here as it provides an excellent recap of everything that has gone on to date.

If you have any questions check out the Chat room where there is normally someone there who will be able to help you.

Have fun and happy hunting!