Jan 31, 2008

One Man's Opinion.

Ok, so there's a lot of speculation going on about the end of this game today. I would like to put my two cents in concerning the finale.
First, from an earlier stage, we learned that The Maxwell Group is a subsidiary of Widmore Industries.

Second, we know that whatever ship Naomi came from is not Penny's boat.

Also, Naomi was in possession of the picture of Desmond and Penny.

Using these pieces of evidence, I am capable of coming to only one conclusion. Charles Widmore, the only other person in the world other than Penny or Desmond capable of possessing that photo, staged the fake plane in the bottom of the ocean for the purpose of ending Sam Thomas' and any other concerned party's search for Oceanic 815. I do not yet know why he is interested in the island, that remains to be seen. These are the conclusions which I have drawn:
There is no wormhole.
There is no time warp.
There is only one Oceanic 815. This is all just a result of a conspiracy. That seems plainly evident to me, thanks to the knowledge that Sam was practically forced to go to those coordinates by The Maxwell Group.

Note: Please do not discuss spoilers in the comments section. I made sure this theory was completely spoiler-free and only used information from the game and show thus far.

Quick Find 815 Recap from Ny Mag Online

First of all, I want to thank EVERYONE out there that has made this LOST ARG a great experience. As we all know this blog has become the #1 source of information for Find815 and I want to give a special thanks to DarkUFO for the site and everyone else that helped contribute to the site...!!

I know we have several links on the blog for recaps and people can find everything and anything on this page about Find815. However, with the premiere tonight many LOST fans that had no clue about Find815 or didn't have the time to follow the game are now jumping online. So a quick recap is what some fans might be looking for.

Here is a great recap of the events of Find815 from Ny Mag covering all the key points from all five chapters (does not include todays "activity"). The recap works well because it links back to the blog here several times.

So for all of you out there that are just logging in or want a really quick recap and read to catch up check out the following article:

We Decode the ‘Lost’ Online Game for You

Last Activity: "Find Black Rock"

Here are all three videos from the last part of Chapter 5. Click on the buttons to see them.

I uploaded the clips on youtube for those of you who couldn't play this videos. Here are the links:
Intro, Fail, Success.

Last activity released earlier (updated)

The last activity on find815.com has been released. But the story continues in 1:30...

Update: The activity is now playable and it's called "Find the Black Rock".

Chapter 5 Clue Hunt -- Cabin Lights

Hey All,

During today's Clue Hunt if you look carefully there is a set of bright lights on the roof that basically shine like stars. Are they just lights or do they really form a constellation?? Any ideas...??

Thanks to Carlo for sending in the screencap.

Oceanic Airlines Van Spotted

Some LOST fans spotted an Oceanic Airlines van promoting the Find815 game and were able to grab some nice shots of it driving around town. I believe this van was spotted here in LA.

These were found posted on the ABC Inside the Experience blog.

Sam' s diary Reversed audio

Reversed audio from Sam's diary

The best I can make out is
"Two...Investigate...after about half an hour .. wanna be..... Dar..." (Dharma?)

Who and what do You think its saying ?

Thanks to feddawg who cleaned the audio and thinks it says
"first we have the get some steam....we submerged....2 of the rov's to investigate the signal...., after about half an hour one of the rov's......and after that"

I think its Talbot organizing the initial dive when a sonar signal has been acquired. Initially I too thought that it was a newscast but the audible portions sound like Talbot's voice and the phrases indicate the initial phase of a search recognition operation.

Updated Audio: Big thanks to Charlie08 who provided this version.

I enhanced the audio some more and got a tad more speech out of it,

Pic in the Video Diary

Thanks to José for the following pic

The Maxwell Group Website

I have noticed that each night in chat this topic comes up. And nightly this topic has to be explained, so I thought I would post it.

The Maxwell Group website will be available for use in the United States on Thursday January 31, 2008 at 7:08 pm eastern time.

This information has been available since the beginning of the ARG.

After attempting to login at http://www.the-maxwell-group.com you see the following screen:

You can use the the following website to convert UTC to US time zones in case there is anyone who needs documentation:


Now we just need a correct username and password by then.

One More UPDATE !!!

Last update is a Activity

14 hrs 22mins !

Video Diary 5

Update: 10:42 PM ET. Added Screencaps
Update: 10:22 PM ET. Video Diary spliced parts added.

Okay, so I've just spent some time cutting up the video diary and isolating the static-y parts. This is the first time I've ever used video cutting software. Here's the video. If you wait a bit, I'll have a better one up soon.

Here's today's video diary. Definitely some interesting screencaps are going to come out of this one.

Thanks to nookie for some screencaps of the face that appears in the video.

The Clue Word

For the clue word you have to navigate the storm.

Todays Update

Hey everyone todays update is the clue game so here are some screenies :P

Jan 30, 2008

How Satisfied are You with the Find 815 ARG?

Oceanic Press Release

Oceanforecasts.com Findings


Thanks to Orchid who figured this out along with bluefrog4, WittyNickname and mas13 in the chat room.

oceanforcasts.com is written in a font. I don't think there is any hidden message in it.


thanks to bluefrog4, WittyNickname, mas13 and the chatroom for helping me prove my point.
Source: Orchid@Find815

Original Post:

Some of our readers and members of the chat room have made some interesting finds on the oceanforecasts.com website that appeared on Sam's laptop last night. Thanks goes out to Mr. Trenchy and RadioDave.

This was mentioned last night in chat by M24 and
was discussed at great lengths....but the title for
the ocean forecasts site, when flipped in a variety of
ways, very obviously forms numbers of some sort,
though they are difficult to figure out just yet...I
have compiled a .jpg of the flipped images and most
apparent translations to put up on the blog so others
can try and crack this good find.

Source: Mr. Trenchy@Find815

I'm a bit of a lurker at the Find815 blog.. and wanted to send this along to you... on the new website on Sam's laptop, there appears to be some sort of secret image in the background. I messed around the colors and manged to get the pic I sent you. Dunno if you guys are working on this yet, but figured I'd send it along to chip in my two cents.

Source: RadioDave@Find815

New Voicemail

There is a new voicemail message from Tracey.

To download it click here.

OceanForecasts.com and Emails

UPDATE: Thanks to WeBB in the chat room who figured out that 411151057 = "All is lost" in 1337 speak. Good work WeBB!

There are some new emails and a new website in Sam's laptop.

Ocean Airlines Announcement After Lost Premiers

An ad on this website (presumably generated by the ad software installed on this page based on keywords) just let us in on the fact that Oceanic would be announcing something Thursday evening on after Lost (and during ABC's new show Eli Stone.)

Any speculation as to what may be coming in this announcement? Use the comments to discuss.

TMG Authorization Error Page

I took a screen shot of the authorization error page from the maxwell group site. It's still down and appears will be back up and running in a couple of days.

Jan 29, 2008

TMG site going to be updated? (Updated)

I just visited The Maxwell Group's website and it's empty now.
That means they are going to update it, right? What do you all think?

Update: The site is still the same. Anyway, it seems that I'm not alone. Rutger Augustus Munz from Italy also experienced the same empty page problem.

Chapter 5 Game & Solution

Tonight's game is a little tricky
Your task is to guide the Christiane I through the reefs using the ships radar to guide you.

(the game panel has some faint overlays)

Game Instructions.

Reaching your destination :thanks flavien for the screen

Thanks to Opium32 for this full map
Click "Reveal" to see the full map

Hopefully this will help you on your quest, Good luck :)

As speculated by Nicolemm05 & posted by mbevis who inverted and tweaked the map image.
Sonyas face has been seen in previous games, Is this yet another example ?

What do you think ?

Thanks to Felipe "Viper" for this video showing the game in action

Chapter 5 Activity Videos

Here's the various that you will see during tonight's Activity.

First, the video before the activity:

Then, the failure video, which I'm sure everyone saw (not much of a shipwreck if you ask me ;) ):

And finally, the success video:

I don't know about anyone else, but this game will be a welcome diversion for me in this week leading up to the premier.

Chapter 5 Recap Video

Here's the Chapter 5 Recap video.

Jan 28, 2008

Marvel Comics and Lost Crossover Archive

Over the past week we've had our spidey-sense overwhelmed with Marvel Comics news, and I don't suspect it will stop coming any time soon. This post is going to do it's best to keep track of all the Lost references (including ones not directly related to Find815) that Stan Lee and his gifted school of comic book scribes are dropping this month.

After the button lies a wealth of crossover info and scans that both Hank McCoy and Richard Alpert would struggle to make sense of:

UPDATED! (1/31/08 9:15AM GMT)