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**UPDATED 1/17 7:15PST** New Email from Tracey Provides Sam with Bali Holiday Fun Site. I believe there has to be something hidden on the BHF Site. Lets find it...!! :)

Email can be found at the new post here: Tracey Sends Sam BHF Site in Email

Update: 12:10 PST In my tired state of posting this late last night I forgot to thank a couple of key people. First, major thanks to OMF42 for the lead and links to the clues and Spooky (DarkUFO Team Member) for providing me with a recap of events that helped me organize this post.

Update: 19:50 GMT I can confirm that this site and the information is valid and part of the game. (DarkUFO)

Hey All,
Well it seems like over the last couple of days a game with in the Find815 game has been taking place. Strange comments by a user going by the name "OurMutualFriend42" began posting comments on the forum with an external link.

Majority of us overlooked this poster for quite some time, but eventually some of the readers became curious enough to follow the lead. The link lead to an image of 22 Skulls that ended up being a code and eventually the code was cracked and more information was revealed. It took some time and a solid team effort, but the information links back to the official Find815 site.

So it seems that this user is a part of the Find815 crew or a clever Lostie and decided to lead us to some potential clues.

It is very possible the images and information uncovered will be in a future part of the game, so if you do not like spoilers, then stop reading now.

Thanks to all the people who worked on this especially, Will, Bluefrog4, Persagax, Felix, Marth, and Feddawg.

Well here is a step-by-step breakdown of what has occurred so far:

1) OurMutualFriend42 Posts the following link to 22 Skulls


2) Using the following "Skull Bearer" Font from DaFont.com:

(Click to Enlarge)

3) You will be able to figure out that the Skulls corresponding letters are actually a website: www.baliholidayfun.com

4) After looking at the source code for Bali site you find out that it is actually being hosted on the Find815.com site via the following link:


Plus, the site has the following email address: baliholidayfun@gmail.com

5) An auto reply email from baliholidayfun@gmail.com sends you an email from a "Mr. Ole" with gibberish like the original Maxwell Group Email. The subject of the email is:

"Amuses Mr Ole" which is an anagram for: Samuel Morse

6) Hidden in the email is the following website:


That leads to this image of a Stegosaurus dinosaur:

7) The image of the Stegosaurus can be found at wiki here:


So far that is all we have, but before you have any doubts, Dark has confirmed that this is indeed a part of the game.

Once again a special thanks to the team that found all of this information and staying persistent after many of us thought that it was spam or a hoax. Finally, I hope this proves to all of the people that question LOST fans from over-analyzing.

Source: Find815

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