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Update: 20:45 Thanks to several sharp-eyed readers who commented and emailed me, here is a close of the time on Big Ben.

Thanks to DarkUFO reader Martha for the following.

I work in Ames and nearly drove off the road this morning when I saw this billboard. Was very surprised to see the Oceanic 'press release' listing Ames after checking out Lostpedia (I probably would have noticed the billboard sooner if I hadn't been out of town for the holidays). Now we know where Kate is from (many of us here in Iowa have wondered exactly where Kate was from...Sioux City is mentioned, we figured the hospital scenes would depict Iowa City, yet the small town with the diner could be anywhere in the state--though Ames, a university town, really doesn't fit the diner kind of town description. Perhaps she is from a really small town outside of Ames).

Anyway, I have attached two pictures of the billboard. I love the "Lose yourself in London" tagline, though who knows what the heck that means. You are welcome to put them on your site if you don't have any others.


Martha Eliane, A LOST fan in Iowa

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Source: Martha Eliane@DarkUFO

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