Jan 1, 2008

Are you taking part?

Here's a quick poll to find out who's taking part in Find815's new ARG.


Henry Holland said...

I voted "No, but I'll watch what's going on" because I'm going to do what I did for the Lost Experience: wait for info that the game is done and then go to LostPedia and get any useful information that might have come from the game.

paolovf said...

It looks like good fun, and I missed out on the 'Lost Experience' last time round so i'm looking forward to this

PenguinJosh said...

Yeah TLE was pretty good so here's hoping this one will be even better!

Garese said...

I'll try to take part this time :)

Paula said...

this seems a lot easier than TLE!

i didn't get to do the TLE but i followed later... and this seems much more easy to do!

And with so many sites making it easy for dummies like me, what's not to like? :D

i think it's WAY better to do it than just read about it later!!
I'm IN!!!

paolovf said...

I agree, so far it's all been very easy and obvious

Dragossh said...

I say: play the game! It's fun and easy, why not take part?

jrcaporal said...

My progress right now is:

Web Sites: GG
Videos: B
Messages: B
Activity: G
Clue Hunt: BBBB

I've just found some emails + extra website

Anonymous said...

so excited that they are doing another one!!!

Amused2bHere said...

new year, new arg!

I'm in!

Maqia said...

Unfortunately and unwillingly I missed the first Lost Experience, but this time I'm definitely in!