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During Chapter three's Video clips Both the Captain & Talbot talk to Sam about searching for "Black Rock"

So Is Talbot looking for a ship wreck of "The Black Rock"
Or could he be looking for "Magnetite" ? (also known as "Black Rock")

Magnetite is the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring minerals on Earth.
Could Talbots 'Special Equipment' (that the captian had to install) be to search for large magnetic readings ?

If so, It could be Talbots cover story for the captain that hes searching for "Black Rock"

If there are large ammounts of Magnetite in the area maybe it could effect Compass barings ?

Thanks to MikeNY for this extra Information on magnetite
"Beginning in the 1950s, scientists, using magnetic instruments (magnetometers) adapted from airborne devices developed during World War II to detect submarines, began recognizing odd magnetic variations across the ocean floor. This finding, though unexpected, was not entirely surprising because it was known that basalt -- the iron-rich, volcanic rock making up the ocean floor-- contains a strongly magnetic mineral (magnetite) and can locally distort compass readings. This distortion was recognized by Icelandic mariners as early as the late 18th century. More important, because the presence of magnetite gives the basalt measurable magnetic properties, these newly discovered magnetic variations provided another means to study the deep ocean floor."
: Source

So what is Talbot really looking for ?
A ship wreck, Magnetite, or could he be looking for the Island ?
And if Talbot is looking for the Island, is he working for Penny Widmore ?

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