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Braille music

Thanks to SpOOky for finding this post by Sprocket over at 4815152342 Forums.

Hey guys, regarding the braille.....

I think it may be a musical clue, or at least I'm not ruling it out.

Braille music.
I've already converted the braille into music, which gives me..
BC-AGCEBA (- being a rest)

I've also converted it into actual music which you can hear here

I know it may be nothing, but the braille gave me EXACTLY the correct number of notes for 2 bars of music... Also the note lengths seem to go in a run of 8th's and are consecutive pairs, which provide a meaningful tune, they don't seem to be completely random.

Just some thoughts and I'll be trying to translate this in a variety of ways since the image may have been mirrored, etc.

Let me know what you think"

Source: Sprocket via SpOOky@4815162342

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