Jan 12, 2008

Confirmation on some outstanding questions.

Thanks to SpOOky for putting together a list of questions that I then sent to my contact. They have come back with the following answers.

1. Website
http://www.slaveshipsearch.com is an official game website
Confirm/Deny/No comment

2. Sunda Trench
When the Sunda trench website was 1st put on Sams Laptop shortly after parts (Including pictures and text) of the webpage were removed. This was a part of the game and not just a mistake being corrected.
Confirm/Deny/No comment

3. Manifest
Hurley's entry in the manifest at first said he won $156 Million then it was changed to $150 Million also the look of the manifest was changed
This change was game related, not due to Error correction
Confirm/Deny/No comment

4. Chapter 2 Clue
The chapter 2 clue was changed to from "Cheyenne" to "Cheyne" This was because of a spelling mistake
Confirm/Deny/No comment

5. Compass dials such as on the Maxwell-Group website Logo were edited to change the compass bearings
Confirm/Deny/No comment


Blake said...

"The chapter 2 clue was changed to from "Cheyenne" to "Chyne" This was because of a spelling mistake"

Um, was the irony intentional? The clue word is spelled "Cheyne". ;-)

DarkUFO said...

LOL Blake :)

Thanks, I'll fix it.

andrea said...

"Michael Abaddon
423 Cheyne Road"

So, next password will be the name of a city, uh?

I think that the real clues are the passwords..

Paula said...

don't you mean Matthew and Walk? ;)

Besides, there are more clues from the Yahoo!7 site..

423 Cheyne Walk
David Faraday

but i agree with Andrea, the passwords are clues, i am still amazed how Pennys number hasn't worked.. i guess it'll come into play later... maybe...

andrea said...

yeah, yeah, Matthew and Walk.. Ah ah, man, that was a fantastic "air ball"..

Now... What's David Faraday?

Anonymous said...

All this says is that the people producing this game are doing a bad job. It seems like every other day there is another mistake. Information is released in the wrong order, passwords are spelled wrong. Your fooling yourself if you think all of this is done on purpose. I hope that next year the folks at Lost hire a better company to produce their ARG!

Danielxv said...


Cheyne Walk
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Danielxv said...

'423 Cheyenne Walk' is not mistake, the http://www.find815.com/ accepted '423 Cheyenne Walk' and '423 Cheyne Walk'

Jake Chambers said...

Umh... If I was to interprete, I'd say that, where there is a "no comment" they made a mistake and don't wanna admit :D:D

bluefrog4 said...

I think jake is absolutely right. Come on, they are a highly paid company. They can't admit that they are not able to type... ;-)

@daniel: shortly after they changed it, people were posting here that "Cheyne" ´didn't work for them, but "Cheyenne" did. They had to make the site accept both, so that you could complete the chapter no matter when you did the minigame.

Thomasriekki said...


It was a mistake. The corrected name is a real street in London and the street was actually featured in an episode of Lost.