Jan 15, 2008

Contacts in Talbot's Cellphone

L. Allan - 259 773 821
J. Brooks - 259 320 555
M. Duffield - 259 230 555
J. Graf 259 534 890
M. Griffin - 259 654 238
N. Hammond - 259 125 436
A. Harris - 259 274 022
J. Hogendorn - 259 472 025
C. McCulloch - 259 934 885
P. Manera - 259 843 701
C. Morrow - 259 845 002
A. Mullins - 259 852 930
R. Owen - 259 465 789
M. Smeron - 259 194 032
T. Sullivan - 259 732 903
S. Vagg - 259 124 093


espiao said...

The Maxwell group is a division of the Widmore industries! Oh!!!!

adamswaine1991 said...

Thanks for this, i was gettin annoyed at lookin at screenshots i made, while tryin to entre the info into the maxwell group site, its a long shot i no, but who cares :D

Daniel said...

Dont call them! I made some poor guy answer his phone!

elpaw said...

None of them work as username/password combinations for tmg.com

Dr. Candle said...

elpaw, thanks for saving me some time! We ARE supposed to get into that site at some point right?

Craig said...

elpaw, sorry to be an annoyance, but have you checked them all in all possible combinations? I mean, it could be the last 6 numbers, the first 6 numbers, the middle 3, the sum of all them.. Not to mention the format of putting the name in..

Or do you have insider info? ^^

modernman said...

1st of feb so they let us think...but thats after the game is over?

Canucklehead said...

I'm still holding out that Penny's "number" will be what eventually gets us into the site....now that the Widmore/Maxwell connection is confirmed, it seems inevitable, no???
Here's how I see it playing out: I think perhaps they're just waiting until the end of the game to let us in to the site. I imagine there will be some plot revelation in Chapter 5 that will spell out that Penny's number is the password, and at that point we'll be able to access the site for our big "reward".

Think of how much we've been spoonfed already in this game...I imagine that trend will continue...

Morgan said...

Could the "Owen" in Talbot's phone be the one Ockham called downstairs to in a previous video? I never thought he was addressing Talbot when he yelled...

elpaw said...

I just checked them in this form:

Username - L. Allan
Password - 259773821


Dr. Candle said...

And why does Talbot have Mullins briefcase??

Craig said...

hmm, I may gave some of the million other combinations a go tomorrow if i get a spare half hour.. maybe.

Bolivar Baez (2006-5715) said...

Don't waste your time, it clearly says "Authentication Server Down", not "Password Denied".

Chris said...

Brooks: The doctor in Santa Rosa who took the picture of Hurley and Dave.

Harris: Sawyer's warden.

McCulloch: Savannah McCulloch appeared in a LOST novel.

Morrow: A clue in the original ARG. (Rob Morrow's daughter - Tu Morrow)

Owen: A crew member on board.

Sullivan: The rash guy on the island.