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UPDATE 7:29 GMT: The speculation in the comments has grown a life of its own. There are many theories that I encourage all to read. One, for example, is the idea that the highlighted numbers are representing coordinates on a map (latitude) which cross-sections with the Sunda Trench. Could this be a clue for Sam when he arrives there by boat?

UPDATE 6:28 GMT:Updated text of the new version of the email has been added. (Thanks Ryan!)

UPDATE 6:19 GMT: Images of the new version of the email were added (click button) - And thanks David!

Original Post:
There is a very cryptic new email in Sam's inbox. One that hopefully will keep people busy for a bit. I am going to post it behind a button since the site is down for so many people, many of whom may wish to wait to see it for themselves.

NOTE: reading the comments may spoil the email as well!

Also, just to officially note it in this post (though many in the comments have already begun speculating about this) the highlighted numbers make out 11.1784. Many in the comments, at this point, are guessing it's a date. What do you think?

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