Jan 1, 2008

Desktop Equations

Thanks to Koobie for the following.

Here is a screen shot of the overlay of Sam's desk, it looks like they are some kind of navigational equations.

(Click to Enlarge)


coolpeace said...

I got a distinct deja vu experience when I first saw Sam's search 'wall' stuff, in the video. It reminded of Jack's apt in the FF - Jack's sitting on the floor with maps and books, charts and post-it stickies everywhere.

Jennifer B said...

Are there screen caps of Danielle's equations from the maps Sayid took from her in Season 1? Maybe they match?

paolovf said...

If you look at Sam's desk you can see a sort of shadow of parts of the image you have posted on his desk. The easiest to see are the equations in the top right corner.

If you change the contrast and brightness of the image of Sam's desk it becomes clear that there are a number of different patterns, designs and letters that imposed over the image of his desk.

There must be a lead with at least one of these images