Jan 8, 2008

Drive Shaft Tour Apparel on CafePress

Thanks to Luann for informing us about this interesting find:

No word on how this is connected to the game or if at all, but there is an apparel line that has popped up on CafePress for the Drive Shaft World Tour.

It is most likely a fan-made store, but if you check out the Tour Dates and Locations you will see that the numbers are used and so are the Oceanic Airline destinations.

Here are a few images and you can find more at the link posted above.


tvwatcherinvt said...

I guess the secret show 12/30 was the Jakarta concert?

PeterL said...

12+30=42 lol

all the places that bilboards were found have one or two of "the numbers" in the date

Congested said...

I'm gonna' hold out for the second tour of Finland T-Shirt. ;)

TheSportsBlogger said...

That shirt is actually quite old. It's been available for at least a year now.