Jan 23, 2008

A few new emails


Thanks for those in the comments (kessler27, Hoku and especially hurricanebtvs) and Jay who emailed me for pointing out that the "[no subject]" email contains the phrase: "Love you madly"

The email from Jay explains how it was solved:

Figured out the no subject email. Was easy really.

wtleev twelve
nifetfe fifteen
towtteynw twentytwo
ivef five
wvtetfniey twentyfive
ifteefn fifteen
oweetynnt twentyONE
ethnrtei thirteen
eno one
uofr four
ewtlev twelve
ntvtfeyewi twentyfive
12 15 22 5 25 15 22 13 1 4 12 25



Original Post:

Sam seems to have spent some time with his computer as two new emails have come in and two have gone out.

(edit: Thanks SpOOky for combining the email which requires scrolling into one image)


Anonymous said...

Um, you forgot about the e-mail from 'Maxwell' that's new.

Anonymous said...

there's another new one with some more random numbers and letters.

i haven't noticed anything unusual with this one yet

Kessler27 said...

each line is an anagram for a number. they are in this order:

Sayid'sgirl said...

There are letters mixed in with the numbers.

Kessler27 said...

i meant th lower case letters in each line form an anagram... if not understood before

Congested said...

Thanks guys, I've added the email now. :)

Sayid'sgirl said...
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Hoku said...

I got the same as Kessler ;)

Anonymous said...

12= L
15= o
22= v
5= e

25= y
15= o
21= u

13= m
1= a
4= d
12= l
25= y

Kessler27 said...

if the numbers correspnd to letters it says love you madly... familiar phrase!

Hoku said...

Good job! So Sonya is sending him messages...spooooky

Save_The_Hobbit said...

Box company...hmmmmmmm.

Erik said...

Nice work. "love you madly" That's it.

J. G. said...

She is in the computer of the hatch... Playing VIA DOMUS with Walt for sure... Little b... LOL


smartguy42 said...

Tracey says "your mum" to Sam. So she's not his sister...(Has that been discovered already and am I just late?)

Addictedfan said...

Why did you think Tracey was his sister?

Addictedfan said...

Wonder if Sam is trying to tell Tracey to "trace" something? As he addresses his recent email, "Hey Trace". Also, in her reply,she puts "OK" in capital letters? To tell him okay about the trace?

Addictedfan said...

Someone pointed out that the song,"Love You Madly" is sung by a group called Cake! Maybe when Sam said "piece of cake" in the Ch.3 video,he was speaking in code to Sonya????

Anonymous said...

Anyone else thinking about Cake? The band, not the dessert...

Anonymous said...

In one of the episodes (D.O.C. I think?) Sun and Jin are on the phone, and she tells him she loves him madly. They say it a few times during the episode. Not sure if there's any connection, but I just re-watched that one, so I remembered it.

fedegaray said...

My conclusions: Sonya was in the tail section beach after the accident. She was one of the first kidnaped survivors by the Others. She its in the Hydra station and by some way she got acces to a computer, and its sending mails to Sam.

HitcH said...

Has noone picked up on the christmas thing - they must still be in 2004 as lost is surely coming up to christmas

Anonymous said...

So who else thinks that the "love you madly" e-mail must be from Sonya. I hope this is a clue that's she's still alive, and possibly involved in contacting Sam with these encrypted messages.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I also thought Tracey was a sister, perhaps, I wasn't sure. But the way she knows Sam's mom, though seems to have a platonic relationship with Sam made me think they might be related. Also, Sam calls his mom "Mum" when he talks about his mom with tracey. With most friends, I think I would refer to one of my parents as "my mom", as opposed to "Mom." But this last e-mail from tracey has confirmed that Sam's mom is not Tracey's mom.

I don't think Tracey and Sam are friends from work. They talk Oceanic much, not in a fellow employee type of way. Interesting relationship theirs.

Anonymous said...

There are times when I talk to my sister in regards to my mom and in a joking/sarcastic manner say "Your mother did such-and-such". Just something to put out there.