Jan 16, 2008

Find815 Banners **UPDATED**

**UPDATED 1/16**

Here are the most recent banners that have been added to the rotation.

Hey All,

When the game started and this section was created I quickly made a few banners for the page from some of the initial screencaps. They are pretty basic but a few people asked me about them, so I posted them on my blog. However, since there are so many fans that view this page I thought why not add them here for all of you to share.

So feel free to use them and spread your love of LOST!!

If I make more or anyone else would like to create some for this post or the page feel free to leave a comment here or email me (mrtheodi@gmail.com) and I will add them here.

Enjoy and Namaste.

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Source: ODI


Monk Satyr said...

Goodness, I can't believe that I'm the first to post/comment about this. *TSK-TSK* people

First and foremost - THANK YOU TheODI!! your work and dedication has made this site a 'place to be'. Your knowledge and propensity to share it is one of the things that make this blog my 'home' stop for all things LOST!

And THANK YOU for the banners (though I won't be using them myself), it help get the word out and bring some more into the (as I like to call us) neurotic ranks :)

Thanks again for all your hard work :)
(btw-you wouldn't happen to be in CO, USA, would ya?)

The ODI said...

Hey Monk,
Thanks for the kind words, but there are several members of Dark's Team that help out with the site not just me, so credit goes to everyone involved. :)

It is good to know that there are people out there like yourself that really appreciate the time and effort that each one of us takes to make sure all of Losties out there can stay informed. :)

Once again thanks for reading. Namaste.


The ODI said...

Oh btw...I am not too surprised that no one commented yet...there is tons of other cool info out there...!!

Plus, nope I am not in Colorado, but SoCal in LA area.

sawyer840 said...

Hi Odi, nice work. I think you dicovered your creative site now!
I like much the Maxwell Group banner!
But less orange... ?!

Anonymous said...

just a thought about lost and rousseau....did anyone else notice that rousseau's ship wasnt listed on the website on sam's computer about things going lost in that area?