Jan 3, 2008

Having Problems with the official site?

Some users have been commenting that they are having some issues with the Official Site, Find815.com. Thanks to our friend Charlie he has found a solution for you.

I thought this might come in handy for you to put on ur blog as i have read in some of the comments on your blog about site (find815.com) not working properly. (excluding my issues) :P

If you use the web address


It bypasses and refreshes any flash/server problems people might be having and then the site will work


Gater said...

too late ^^

Fabio said...

Yo, I just wanted to comment since I didn't see anyone point it out. On the pictures from Clue 1, we can see Lock in the background of picture 3 and 5.

It shows only his foot in picture 3 and his hands on his hips in the usual Lock way in the picture 5.


Fico said...

It doesn't work

dirk.ammann said...

Hmm. Got a big problem entering "Sam`s Desk". Everytime i push the button, the screen loads and then ,nothing happens. Can see my progress, story so far, but no Desk.

Please Help. Search the whole internet, but no one seem to have the same prob !

Goodwin said...

I cannot access it on Firefox, but when I use Maxthon, it works fine.

dirk.ammann said...

Thx Dude.
I`ve tried "IExplorer", "FireFox" and your advice "Maxthon" as well. But none of them works. Still the same problem. Everything works, beside "Sam`s Desk". I`m running mad on that:-(