Jan 5, 2008


Update: 14:30 GMT Thanks to patison.kilu2.de for the following update.

Well i start here, It began when i was searching in Google for David Massingham.
I found a link to www.LinkedId.com where a David Massingham is registered..
Well, that has nothing to mean, i think it coul be someone else.
But then i searched at www.LinkedId.com for Nathan Mayfield and Tracey Robertson. And they are registered there, too.
Both live in South Brisbane Area, Australia and studied at the Queensland University of Technology.
So i searched for Thomas Killen and he is there, too AND:
He lives in South Brisbane Area and studies at the Queensland University of Technology. So i think here is clear, that he is somehow related to Nathan and Tracey and Hoodlum.

I don`t think, that LinkedIn.com is important to us but i think it is clear now, that Thomas Killen is important to us!
P.S.: i also found a woman named Kelly at LinkedIn.com and she lives in South Brisbane Area and is a Producer of Hoodlum AND she at the Keyword "Find 815" when i searched for "Find 815" at Hoodlum.

Here are all the links to LinkedIn.com:
Tracey Robertson:

Nathan Mayfield:

David Massingham:

Thomas Killen:

Kelly Chapman:

There it says:
Kelly Chapman’s Experience

(Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Online Media industry)

September 2006 — Present (1 year 5 months)

FIND 815
A 5 week interactive, narrative prequel to Season 4 of ABC's LOST

Source: patison.kilu2.de

Hoodlum are a company that have already been mentioned. They are a company who create these kind of games for companys such as ITV and ABC. Something i have noticed however is that on hoodlums site, it mentions that the CEO is a Tracey R. Now i know that could be derived as a coincidence. The other thing i noticed there site is a .com.au site, like the one on the Lost bill board. The final thing is to me there team member Thom, looks like our mystery man in Sam's diary video, what do you think?


Memento said...


Do you have a link to the company? Can you add it to your post as I am sure others would be interested

Chris said...

I think it's just an easter egg, much like the way movie directors make cameos in their own films.

jpike001 said...

still, you might be right. At first glance I thought, "There's no way that's him" but as I look closer at the features I think the guess is at least a valid one

andrea said...

easter egg, yeah..

valentifabio said...

.au is just for Australia...as wel as .fr for France or .be for Belgium. I don't understand why you are so excited by this website, they just make the game and that's it. Sam doesn't look the same as Thom at ALL...

Nick said...

I know .au is for australia, calm mr valentifabio. Im just posting something i have noticed. And i didnt state that Sam looked like Thom at ALL..... i stated that the mystery man looked a bit like him. If you are going to have a go at me for something i am just sharing at least make a viable point.

valentifabio said...

Don't see any agressivity in my words Nick. Of course you're right to post that, just I don't understand why everybody try to find some links between Sam, the game in general and this website. Anyway you are doing a very good job! I didn't mean to criticize your job...

Stagmo said...

the first link points to linkedid.com not linkedin.com, didn't take too long to notice why it wasn't working though.