Jan 4, 2008

Inbox changes

Thanks to Morgan for the following.

Here are a few screen shots we took of the first video, when Sam is first checking his email and encounters the photo. His inbox changes each time it is shown in the video. There are different names, as well as different email subjects that we haven't yet been able to click through once we get to Sam's desk.

(Click to Enlarge)


ProtomanP1 said...

I told you!!
That's my name: Elias

I'm afraid I might wake up on the Island one day.

Bolivar Baez (2006-5715) said...

PtrSc + Paint!!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it... how did you guy get this stuff.. it's not even released yet

Morgan said...

It is released- rewatch the very first video on the site.

hills, said...

at first i thought that the "tom" we see here was the thomas killen that's been talked about on this blog already but the screenshot here shows that sam's computer shows emails from thomas as "killent." is this a different tom?

any ideas on why there are different emails above "Re: Turbine engine query" in each picture?

also, it seems as though sam received a few emails between when he received the one with the picture of sonya (the second and third pictures down) and the one with the garbaled code (the first picture).

there are also slight discrepancies between the subjects of the emails in the first picture and what shows up on his computer when you go to read the emails in the game:
1. the "e" in "error" is capitalized in the game but not in the video.
2. the subject in the game, "Re: Change of date for LA meeting" reads "Re: Change of date for LA Meeting now..." in the video. The "m" is capitalized and there are addition words.

i'm not sure if these differences really matter but i thought i'd point them out.

any ideas on what "Manual" Tom might have sent sam? Who's Elias? does it say "In" as the second sender on the second image? i just don't know!!

ProtomanP1 said...

Im Elias

Anonymous said...

Could this Tom possibly have been the Tom from the island? I know that hes dead, but do we know what date the email was sent?