Jan 3, 2008

Locations of Clues

Locations of clues are circled Red in the pictures below.

After clicking the last clue you get a link to ABC's hompage to play a game.

When you enter the code from the game you get the following screenshot.


Anonymous said...

There's a new message on the cell phone.. It's Sam's mother. Does she sounds like the voice on the number?

sfj3 said...

Game was here
But is no longer there. Maybe there willbe more games on abc with clues, but by the time we need them they will be deleted - hope my memory gets better..

Topher said...

im not getting the new message?

Paula said...

DarkUFO, the first screen you get on the game say that you should go to yahoo!7 OR abc.com!

the abc.com game was removed, answer Matthew

if you go to yahoo page for lost, games, you find the game there, with a new clue at the end... Abaddon

Anonymous said...

ha i had to play the game twice good move, i guess someone is watching

Anonymous said...

i'm not leaping ahead again