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Update: 6th Jan 2008 Thanks to Anthony, we have another potential candidate, Aden Young. Have we at last found him?

IMDB Profile

And thanks to Barbara for this interesting connection ... "Rodger Corser (Sam) and Aden Young were both actors on the US miniseries THE STARTER WIFE, filmed in Australia. IMDB Credits".

After a lot of debate today I can confirm to you that this photo which has been enhanced by kokowawa is definitely part of the game and was not added accidentally. Thanks to Koobie and Docarzt for finding the original frame in the film.

So who is this person and what role will they play in the ARG? Does anyone recognise him? Thanks to Luis for the cleaned up photo.

Thanks to DarkUFO reader Maik, who thinks it may be Barry Pepper. Personally I'm still not 100% convinced.. What do you all think?

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