Jan 14, 2008

Mysterious Number Appears in Chapter 2 Code??

This mysterious number was found in the flash code of the site for the Chapter 2 Clue Hunt. Could this be a number with some more meaning, just a file number, or a glitch?

Thanks to Sindol.

I have finished decompiling the mini game of chap 2 ( ABC_Chapter2_QuizGame_REV.swf ) and found again a number.

Source: Find815


Bolivar Baez (2006-5715) said...

337d69 is an hexadecimal number, and in this case is used to represent a color, in the RGB color model and is some kind of dark teal-ish color.

Lost_Island said...

did the first chapter have a clue like the second one did. Maybe we can enter them in as a username and password in the maxwel group page. sry i spelled it wrong. just throwing in some ideas.

experimentalfilm! said...

oh god tihs takes me back to the hanso-exposed glyph finding days. thats what that number looks like . fhdsjkfhsjkfhskj