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Thanks to Jay for the following

Only on Jan 13, 2006 was the Nasdaq @ 2,317, S&P @ 1,287, and DOW @ 10,959 (off by 1). This day was chosen, and the non-standard ticker was created just for this show. As this info is stored in separate and distinct records (links below), it seems likely that this day was intentionally chosen, and this clue intentionally given to us (discretely). As the voice mail which just appeared from Sam’s mom indicates, we saw Sam watching “live” TV on Jan 13, 2006 rather than a recording.

NASDAQ: 2,317.04 (exact)

S&P: 1,287.61 (exact)

DOW 10,959.87 (off by $1.00) I’m curious why this is, as everything else is exact to the decimal.

Source: Jay

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