Jan 2, 2008

New Received Messages

Here's the reply from the two messages Sam sent out.
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Reply One: Ticket Details, from David Massingham
I finally managed to squeeze you on to a flight - but don't tell my supervisor! It'll be at the counter for collection under your name, booking ref# R7KMCH

08:50 Sydney 11:45 Darwin FLT511
14:15 Darwin 15:15 Jakarta FLT601


Source: Find815

Reply Two: Christiane I from Tracey
Aren't you the mysterious one?
Anyway, I've tracked down the "Christiane I" - it's a salvage vessel currently docked in Jakarta. Apparently it's due to leave on an expedition in a few days but I couldn't find out where to - the details are confidential.

What's the story? Are you looking for a new job now you've left Oceanic? Nice work if you could tee something up for yourself in Indonesia. Look out Bali,

Take care,
Source: Find815


Gater said...

i thought about the both mails:
in davids mail are the booking number and the flight destinations interessenting, but i can't imagine how to use the informtaion.

and tracey wrote that we should look out for bali...what does she means with that?

paolovf said...

As far as i know Jakarta is on Java island and Bali is a neighbouring island. If she knows the ship is docked at Jakarta why mention Bali??

she does say 'Nice work if you could tee something up for yourself in Indonesia, look out Bali'

Unless there is some sort of golfing clue related to Bali coz that line seems to infer a clue. I don't know

maskot said...

08:50 Sydney 11:45 Darwin FLT511
14:15 Darwin 15:15 Jakarta FLT601

first flight 3 hours.. second, almost the same distance only 1 hour??

Can anyone get the real flight time from Sydney to Darwin and from Darwin to Jakarta?

Anonymous said...

Maskot, there is a two hour time difference between Jakarta and Darwin. So, there is your answer.

Gater said...

whats about the booking ref number?
i wouldn't suprise me if this is important too.

Veronika said...

I was curious and did a random google search on FLT 511 and the first route I found was from Union Is to St. Vincent (!). I don't know if this one could lead to anywhere,just sharing.

Jake C. said...

Didn't we already have a post down there about these E-Mails?

Anyway... I'd say the Numbers are important too...

PenguinJosh said...

Yeah i realised that after I posted sorry hehe

But here i typed up the messages for those who couldn't/didn't want to click on the pictures. :)

Chris said...

Bali, eh? Like where Oceanic is supposedly crashed?

travis said...

What's the time line for this ARG? Is supposed to be happening just months after the crash or concurrently time today?

The reason why I ask is Sam says in the first video the flight crashed on "September 22nd" with no mention of the year. That tells me that the video occurs that same year -- 2004.

Also could this whole thing lead up to the finding of the flight 815 in the trench like Naomi says later. So maybe this all occurs between the crash and the events of TMFT (Cooper tell Locke they found the plane in a trench) which happen around day 80-82. So maybe the search only went on for two months and Sam helps them find the plane a few weeks after that -- prior to Cooper & Naomi being transported to the island.

Deneph said...

Could the Christiane I be the frieghter the Losties contacted?

paolovf said...

The times of the flights may be important as they could indicate that something will be released at these times.

Anonymous said...

Deneph, I was wondering this myself. I like to think that the Christiane is the freighter.

bondsbustyblonde said...

I was wondering if Christane is the ship Mittlewerk left out on at the end of the first L.E.

deneph said...

I didn't follow the Lost Experience so I don't know about Mittlewerk's ship, it could very well be.
It seems rather convenient that we have a freighter on the way to the island and Sam gets info about salvage vessel. Salvage would mean a recovery ship wouldn't it?
I think it's the freighter too Phill.
4 more weeks!

sfj3 said...

"a salvage vessel" and the fact its in Indonesia makes me think this is what is sent to find the remains of flight 815 in Sunda Trench.

deneph said...

Fair enough. But maybe it's the same ship on it's way to the island as well. Maybe Naomi was part of the recovery team and in on the lie that the plane is in the trench. They say they found the plane but really they were still looking.
I'm sure I'm wrong, but you never know.

Spolodaface said...
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Spolodaface said...


8:15 anybody?

sfj3 said...

deneph - could be although how would Lockes dad know about it?

sfj3 said...
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