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Thanks to Orchid who figured this out along with bluefrog4, WittyNickname and mas13 in the chat room.

oceanforcasts.com is written in a font. I don't think there is any hidden message in it.


thanks to bluefrog4, WittyNickname, mas13 and the chatroom for helping me prove my point.
Source: Orchid@Find815

Original Post:

Some of our readers and members of the chat room have made some interesting finds on the oceanforecasts.com website that appeared on Sam's laptop last night. Thanks goes out to Mr. Trenchy and RadioDave.

This was mentioned last night in chat by M24 and
was discussed at great lengths....but the title for
the ocean forecasts site, when flipped in a variety of
ways, very obviously forms numbers of some sort,
though they are difficult to figure out just yet...I
have compiled a .jpg of the flipped images and most
apparent translations to put up on the blog so others
can try and crack this good find.

Source: Mr. Trenchy@Find815

I'm a bit of a lurker at the Find815 blog.. and wanted to send this along to you... on the new website on Sam's laptop, there appears to be some sort of secret image in the background. I messed around the colors and manged to get the pic I sent you. Dunno if you guys are working on this yet, but figured I'd send it along to chip in my two cents.

Source: RadioDave@Find815

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