Jan 3, 2008

Tracey R's YouTube account

Thanks to DarkUFO reader Jed for the following.

Sam Thomas posted a video on Facebook, which linked me to a video hosted by User "Traceyr1975." So far there are two videos, one of Oceanic's original commercial and another of the commercial hacked by Sam. Here's the link:


If you've got a YouTube account, it's worth subscribing to Tracey's page. And worth letting people know to subscribe.

Source: Jed@DarkUFO


Smullie said...
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jrcaporal said...

I fpund that account and posted in Lostpedia years ago, it originally had 3 videos, the missing one is the hacked Oceanic video.

Notice that the Oceanic original video is longer, it has more of the brunette woman, at the end