Jan 27, 2008

Our Mutual Friend strikes again! ...Or hasn't she?

Update - 6:25 GMT

It seems this isn't the real OMF42, but a faker who mislead us all. Thanks to Franech Johilan and ChristyG for letting us know in the comments. I still think it was quite interesting, though, and kept us occupied for the weekend.
yall this guy was a fake. i was just in the live chat and he came on and said that he needed to clear the air and admitted to posting all of this last night. he said he was doing it just to prove a point that anyone can get on as OurMutualFriend42 and post whatever they want. he said that he was just a lost fan from iowa, thats all, and you can't believe anyone claiming to be OMF.

Source: ChristyG@Find815

Thanks to torched for the heads up on what went down in the chat last night.
It seems OurMutualFriend42 is giving us more and more clues, hopefully Dark can confirm that this is the real user and not a faker.

Here is what went down in the chat last night:

Comments from OMF42:
""Patience Reechoed Fly" a Jessup there was found" = anagram for "the free encyclopedia" leads to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morris_K._Jessup
"DE-173 holds more answers than you think" = leads to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Eldridge_%28DE-173%29
"3→3→64→2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham%27s_number
"Talbot has the varo" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remedios_Varo & http://serandipity.50megs.com/inform.html this leads to the last comment
"Two varos, one paint, one print, one truth" = see .pdf called varo-jessup.pdf
"Truth was lost in '59" = jessup commits suicide and dies in 1959
"I leave for the last time. Those after me are but clever fake. Find Talbot's copy." = Talbot has a varo edition of "The Case for the UFO: Varo Ed" and we need to find it!

Comments from poster FINDER: simple "first letter from every group is the next letter" riddle
"LDM/RE - OI/EDT - SAWLMI - T.IEAC - PCKCG - EOITN" = http://www.lostpedia.com/wiki/electromagnetic
"MENNN - ALEST - XITT - WEEE - EBRI - LE.N - LDED - BIIO" = "maxwell believed in ether. einstein dont" leads to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorentz_ether_theory & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aether_theories
"LIE - ONF - OTO - KHG" = Look in the Fog

Source: Find815

Do you think we're on the right track? Speculate in the comments below.


SpOOky said...

Yesturday Before OMF gave you those links there was some Philadelphia Experiment talk in the yaplet
So Im thinking this OMF is a fake and was giving Links that would catch peoples attention.

There has been an OMF in chat almost every time Ive checked there
I highly doubt the real OMF has time to sit in yaplet all day long giving out links. ;)

Im Inclined to call FAKE.
The yaplet has had Loads of them since the real OMF was posted about.

oodles said...

Could be fake alright, but note that some of the annotations in Jessup's book were produced by "Jemi".
Eko's brother was "Yemi" ...

XaRen said...

Another question, have this clues been revealed somewhere else too? I mean on other sides, where Lost fans are searching for answers for find815.com or are we the only ones to know?

I don't see a logical answer then, why the game designers should spread their clues and help only on this side, leaving other fans outside.

Just a thought.

SpOOky said...

No this is not the only site to recive messages from the real OMF. :)

OMF's confirmed apperance to this site, was one of several posts made by him/her to a number of sites
(Lostpedia was one of a the other sites)

Unfortunatly OMF's comments posted to other sites were delted, thought to be spam.

peony said...

first of all i dont even think im worthy to comment here because you guys are so amazing and crazy how you can find all these clues but here goes...

one of the links it talks about Remedios Varo the painter. Her paintings are strange and have a style like Salvador Dali. on the links it shows several paintings.

i just started reading the new stephen king book called Duma Key. the main character's name is Edgar Freemantle. He was in an accident and lost some of his memory. He moves to a house in Florida to recover and start to paint. His paintings are in the style of Salvador Dali. The colors in the paintings of Remedios Varo have the same look and color as the book jacket of Duma Key. Im only at the beginning of the book so I dont know if there are any more connections.

Ed said...

That's interesting, yesterday when I was reading about the closed-time curve, I ended up on the wikipedia Philadelphia Experiment page. If this turns out to be the real OMF, I predict we will find the USS Eldridge on the island at some point.

blue said...

so assuming that omf is not a fake...what does all this stuff mean?

MikeNY said...

The question:

Is there any reason to think this (particularly the post-steg stuff) isn't BS?

Franech Johilan said...

he didnt strike again.

OurMutualFriend42: Basically, I mislead everyone to the information about Jessup, the Eldridge, the Varo edition (and by accident, the painter)

How could you trust that anyway?

MikeNY said...

franech - thanks for posting that!

I wonder now about the CTC-related stuff...

LostScooter said...

"Jacob D. Murray" supposedly vanished from the USS Eldridge during the Philadelphia Experiment.

Christy G said...

yall this guy was a fake. i was just in the live chat and he came on and said that he needed to clear the air and admitted to posting all of this last night. he said he was doing it just to prove a point that anyone can get on as OurMutualFriend42 and post whatever they want. he said that he was just a lost fan from iowa, thats all, and you can't believe anyone claiming to be OMF.

Jacob said...

My piece on this is: If he gives a link to something hosted on find815s server then hes legit. The original OMF42 did just that.

Anonymous said...

I could be that the OMF that came on and confessed to misleading us was a fake. Because OMF doesn't speak in prose like that, she speaks in anagrams and riddles. Also, when she left last night she said there would be clever fakes that came after. The links, especially the Varo edition are such a trip. I spent a good amount of time reading it, and it has A LOT of answers to the lost questions. It describes iron powder and magnetic influxes, how they can construct themselves in a smokey-like creature. It talks about how a large mass can become almost invisible due to magnetism. It describes sentient weather patterns, like the trippy rain on the island.

It may not be real, I'm hoping Dark can confirm it, but it's given me more answers to my questions about Lost than any other one piece of info I've found.


Anonymous said...

real or not, at least I learned about Remedio Varo. She has some cool paintings. I'm a little confused though. The info about the philadelphia experiment was fake clues?
Even if it was, doesn't the game still point us in this direction? They are who gave us the stuff on Maxwell, and the Aurora, and other info concerning magnetics and lost ships.
Why not the Eldridge as well? If this isn't where we're supposed to be headed it was an interesting theory at least

Anonymous said...

so what is the connection between Varo-the artist and Varo-the edition of the Jessup Book.
The edition of the book was named for the Varo Corporation who allegedly provided materials for the philadelphia experiment, but what does that have to do with the artist?

Anonymous said...

From what I could gather from the chat last night, the Varo OMF wanted us to concentrate on was the Varo paper. She said something like "One paint, one print, one truth." So I guess it could mean that combined they tell us the truth, or that only one was relevant.

I don't see how we can disregard last night's chat just because someone came on this morning and claimed to have been the OMF of last night. I still think she was real.

Anonymous said...

Dark, is there a way for you to check the ISP addresses of the people who post in the chatroom? Can we use those isp numbers and compare them to the OMF that we know was real in order to see if she was legit?

Anonymous said...

So then the "one paint, one print..." refers to the different color notes one the varo edition. I read on wiki that there were three colors of ink on the notes, but they didn't specify what the colors were. Is there a specific color that is relevant to the Lost world or to Find815? other than Black Smoke?

PS It think the post was legitimate. Throughout this game, whenever progress stalls she usually reveals something. Everytime there is a 72 hour break she has always released a clue. Why not now? The game is almost over.

DarkUFO said...

Dark, is there a way for you to check the ISP addresses of the people who post in the chatroom? Can we use those isp numbers and compare them to the OMF that we know was real in order to see if she was legit?

Sorry no. The chat is run by an external company.

Save_The_Hobbit said...

So was the fakeOM42 the one that posted about the CTC stuff as well, or was that legit?

Anonymous said...

Sorry no. The chat is run by an external company.

Oh ok, well, then I'm just going to go on intuition and guess that this OMF was real.

As for the "one paint, one print" issue, the pdf has the colors as being green, blue and purple. I am still more inclined to believe that OMF by "one paint, one print" meant that there was one painter by the name of Varo, and a printed document (the Jessup doc-http://www.cassiopaea.org/cass/Varo-Jessup.PdF) that is associated with the name Varo, and that only one of them was the proper clue.

But, if it is a color issue there is a thread in the fuselage called "The Sewing Kit" and it's all about colors and how they relate to episodes of Lost. I can't find the first sewing kit thread, but here is a link to the second one: http://www.thefuselage.com/Threaded/showthread.php?t=85116&highlight=sewing+kit

DarkUFO said...

So was the fakeOM42 the one that posted about the CTC stuff as well, or was that legit?

We have no way of knowing I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

As for which OMF is legit, I guess we can't really know, unless that OMF hips us to a previously unknown site that's hosted by the 815 game server.

Since the CTC guesses come from Maxwell's paper, (images of which were imposed on the photos of the FIND815 boat in the clue hunt), Maxwell's paper does seem it would be in-game. So I think the CTC stuff is accurate, or at least presented as so within the game.

Save_The_Hobbit said...

Oh, I hope so. The CTC stuff makes a lot of sense in relation to Lost.

ideia said...

i think the CTC stuff means something! You´re right STH, it makes a lot of sense, even in teh game.
cheers from Brazil!

nADIE said...

Facts about OurMutualFriend42:

-The only SOLUTIONS that she has given was left in the comments section nor in the chat
-She left coments here:
and here:
http://find815.blogspot.com/2010/01/introduction-to-find-815.html (in one of the two posts here, she said "i am the skullbearer")

-Those comments were left the wednesday 16 and the tuesday 22. Never in weekend.

-She has an account on flickr and her only contact is find815.com

-She has a private PROFILE in blogger with OurMutual as display name. The profile in Blogger is

-Although it is a private profile and ANYONE can change his own profile to private and the display name to "OurMutual". NO ONE CAN POST WITH THAT PROFILE. To see if a post is true only compare it with the one above.

- This mails doesn't exist (i sent emails and i've got a "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)" (if someone take them after i wrote this, we will know are fake):

-This is a REAL mail

Cryan said...

Hello Guys!

I was writing to Dark, but thought that this is the right place to write these..

As you know, in each video, there were 'little' secrets which led us to many clues, or findings (whatever you call!).

But something happened since the fourth video diary that, we don't have that much findings.. Or let me state clearly, nobody is now playing the game or try to find stuff.. Instead of looking into the game, we lose our time by WAITING for something from OMF, or trying to find something that was made up by FAKE OMFs..

OK.. I agree that OMF was fantastically helpful for the picture etc.. But hey.. Even it was not mentioned by her, it was coming in the game, right (baliholidayfun.com)??

My point is.. Actually i am good follower of the game but beacause of the real world burden, i don't have time to solve all the clues, puzzles, ascii codes, etc. But on the other hand, many people here are unbelievable in these and I appreciate you a lot!

So my question is to that: Why don't you look in the video harder to find more clues...??

Or the game designers didn't hide 'enough' stuff in the latest video.. I think not.. And think that, we are losing time by these worthless OMF efforts...

No offense..


Anonymous said...

I can see what you're saying Cryan, but we do have many many screencaps from the last video, but they all seem to be different parts of the same Maxwell paper, which we've already discovered. Not to say that there can't be more hidden in some of the stills. I will go revisit that post. Here is a link in case anyone wants to visit as well:


Anonymous said...

I think this is the strongest evidence that this is the real OMF, because everyone had become idle with their attempts to find solutions. I have been so impressed with everyone's imagination in solving all the clues. I have helped very little if at all. I agree that the clues should be revisited. I don't want to read thru that Maxwell pdf though. Jese its long

WittyNickname said...

[heavy sigh...]

tvwatcherinvt said...

We always know there was the chance OMF wasn't always real. But it was amazing and imformative. I certainly have great respect for all who worked so hard and long on the clues.

I half to admit confusion as to what is game related now and what isn't. If Franech Johilian would be so kind as to list what specific post were his, it would be much appreciated, and would go a long way in showing his willingness to come clean.

Cryan said...

Justashepard, tvwatcherinvt:

Actually what i say is.. She can be real.. But let it go!! Whatever we supposed to find is in the game I guess.. It is not going to be fed in by OMF..

What happened to us? We tried days and nights to find the locations.. long, lat.. And now we are trying to figure out electromagnetism formulas.. Hey it's find815.. Not to find the island.. We just lost our motivation to find something in the videos, mails, etc..

Yes they have some clues about the island, but wouldn't it be sooo stupid to reveal the secret of island in a game 'to only a group of freak (us)' instead of telling it on the show? Hey.. there are 3 more seasons. .What are they going to tell else?

Sorry guys.. It is so late in the morning here.. And i think a am so pissed off because of the fake OMFs or not being able to find the answers of my questions..!

cldx said...

I was not really anticipating any real information from this OMF stuff anyways, but i had lots of fun nevertheless, I probably wouldve never seen the stunning pictures of Remedios Varo, and i wouldve never known about Morris K. Jessup, believe me in case you didnt take a look at the excerpts from his book or his story on wiki alltogether you might very well be missing out on something that can very well concure with the mystery of Lost. Just read it, its massively entertaining (ESPECIALLY if you like Lost ;) ), but you better hurry its only 3 more days till Season 4 (AND Cloverfield in my Case, yay!!)

Jennifer B said...

It is sad that someone is taking advantage of people for their own entertainment. I WISH I had that much time on my hands to come up with fake clues. My head is still spinning trying to understand the information we do have.
Keep up all the hard work you smarty pants out there! Don't let a few looney tunes get to you.

Anonymous said...

i agree with cdlx,
varo's work is great as is her contemporaries. And the theories of the philadelphia ex. are cool even if not related to the canon of the show. thanks for everyone posting and contributing to the story. it's been fun.

Anonymous said...

this is off the subject but,

tell me that the computer background on the latest find815 computer (when you find the password) isn't the same as the one the two arctic scientists have the MAGNETIC ANOMALY pop up on. the background. blue. files. black pop-up of codes.

and since the [paper] file sam finds supposedly links maxwell to widmore... this might prove it.

Josh Bryant said...

the arctic computer just looks like a generic window-type computer to me

Christy G said...

hahahaha. i never think about my grammar and i used yall and its posted on the webpage. yes. i look like the biggest hick in the world. i promise i'm intelligent. really.