Jan 13, 2008

Poll: Rate Chapter 1 and 2

Let people know which chapter you liked more and why (in the comments). What are you hoping to see in Chapter 3? What has been your favorite clue so far? Use the weekend downtime to discuss! :)

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Anonymous said...

Chapter one was good in the sense that it was the beginning of it all. However, chapter 2 has gotten a little more interesting with Mr. Talbot and what not. It is going pretty slow and all...but i hope chapter 3 picks it up a notch! my favorite clue though is probably the pearls from the bedroom referring to the pearl station obviously. i just like the way this ARG is connecting with the show more. I preferred chapter 2 so far.

PenguinJosh said...

Chapter One.

Although Chapter 2 activity/clue hunt was better, chapter one was the thrill of having something new, interesting and, most importantly, Lost related.

Cryan said...

One additional choice is missing:
a) Chapter 1
b) chapter 2
c) None

According to me C.. find815 is far away from my expectations!

NicoleMM05 said...

i chose chapter 2... i really liked the amelia earhart transmission video and all the discussion it initiated.

Anonymous said...

out of the two id say option one was the best, it was exciting getting into the game. then chapter two bombed like no tomorrow.

but yeah i will have to vote cryan's C) option, i feel too bored continue this game.

Paula said...

Chapter 2!

The clue game was a tiny bit more demanding... (not really)
the Amelia Earhart connection is interesting

And altho the game moves slowly for an ARG, i like it, it's Lost related no matter what!! Better than nothing and HUGELY better than those mobisodes.... :P

hey guys, if you don't like it, don't play it! I know it's slow motion but hey, it's Lost!!! an 18 more days to LOST!!!! YAY

Anonymous said...

its not the fact that it moves slowly thats putting me off, its the fact that were not actualy playing a part on how it works, were just watching and reading what sam does. its not an activity, its a chore.

shar said...

I really liked Chap. 2 better because I was able to complete it without much help. I'm new to all this ARG stuff (I even had to research what ARG meant!!) I don't have time to read all the extras here and at the Fuselage about it so I'm hoping the rest of the chapters aren't too difficult to figure out.

Steff said...

Chapter 1 was very interesting, introducing to new characters, seeing events from the Lost story (Oceanic) again... I was not able to play the Chapter 2 in "real time" because i was busy and not at home.. I played the whole chapter 2 and saw all the clues yesterday.. so i voted for Chapter 1

Although i wasn't "infected" with Lost at the time TLE was being played, i think that TLE is much much much better than FIND815, it was ARG in the real meaning of the word - this is more like a normal PC game with smaaaal details of what ARG should be (clues and other "Lost stuff")

That doesn't mean i don't like FIND 815 - I LOOOVE everything connected to Lost and I enjoy playing this. I think that this came as the result of the WGA strike, and was not thought to be as good as TLE and i hope that there will be TLE 2 (even better that TLE) after Season 4.

P.S 18 Days 2 Hrs 31 Min 42 Sec till Lost Season 4 !!!!!

modernman said...

ch 1 was a real blast cause it got everyone excited but.........have 2 say its all got a bit boring now....just cant wait till season 4 starts..

scifiguyuk said...

So far, I think Chapter 1 has had better stuff to do and yeah, since it was the start of it all, I was all intrigued and excited and anything Lost-related is like golddust right now! Although, content-wise I prefer Chapter 2 because of the whole Amelia Earhart stuff, it's totally intrigued me and I think it's opened up a whole bunch of speculation and theory-making, which of course is what I love about Lost!
I totally agree that this isnt as good as TLE in terms of how wide-spread and big the whole thing was, but Find815 is what it is. I don't think it was intended to be as big as TLE. We gotta remember that TLE was intended as a summer-long thing, whereas this is what, a few weeks. It's Lost, that's all I care about! Bring on season 4!!!

Congested said...

I'll have to agree with those that said Chapter 1 was better for the pure excitement of having something related to LOST to pour over. Having said that I think think the developments in Chapter 2 were more interesting.

As for TLE... I agree that this is neither as challenging or "playable" in terms of figuring things out... but they are very different. Another TLE-style game would be cool as well at some point.

For Chapter 3 I'm hoping Sam stays on the boat and makes some good progress finding Flight 815. The middle of this week will mark the 1/2 way point of the ARG so maybe we will begin to really piece together where this all may be headed. :D

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I am somewhat disappointed in the whole thing. What I am looking forward to is looking back at it after we know more (later in the season) to see what may have been missed. I am hoping that it is smarter than I think it is and there are all these hidden clues within the game.

I also hope something kind of major is revealed RIGHT before the new show so it is even more exciting to watch!!!

Julio Antonio said...

I liked Chapter 1 better, because I started late, so my wait for updates was short.
My favorite puzzle has been the Plotter. I also like the Clues, as then you need to go to another site. I love to need to be redirected other sites to look for stuff.

Wesh said...

Chapter 1, because of the novelty.
Chapter 2 wan't aweful either.
I would've like a tad bit more complex riddles in both and the following chapters. Something that can keep us busy for a longer stretch of time.

Not dissapointed though. I wasn't expecting a sideshow with a super awesome storyline and games. Fun games, challenging hunts, good acting, I don't need alot more then that. :)