Jan 31, 2008

Quick Find 815 Recap from Ny Mag Online

First of all, I want to thank EVERYONE out there that has made this LOST ARG a great experience. As we all know this blog has become the #1 source of information for Find815 and I want to give a special thanks to DarkUFO for the site and everyone else that helped contribute to the site...!!

I know we have several links on the blog for recaps and people can find everything and anything on this page about Find815. However, with the premiere tonight many LOST fans that had no clue about Find815 or didn't have the time to follow the game are now jumping online. So a quick recap is what some fans might be looking for.

Here is a great recap of the events of Find815 from Ny Mag covering all the key points from all five chapters (does not include todays "activity"). The recap works well because it links back to the blog here several times.

So for all of you out there that are just logging in or want a really quick recap and read to catch up check out the following article:

We Decode the ‘Lost’ Online Game for You

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DarkUFO said...

Thanks ODI, you beat me to it.

I can only echo what ODI has said.

A massive thanks to all the contributers to the site who have made this ARG a lot of fun and their dedication is much appreciate by me.

I also wanted to thank everyone who has visited this site and joined in the Chat etc. All your contributions have been much appreciated.

Lets hope we get another ARG and that you will all return for more.

Thanks to everyone again.