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Reversed audio from Sam's diary

The best I can make out is
"Two...Investigate...after about half an hour .. wanna be..... Dar..." (Dharma?)

Who and what do You think its saying ?

Thanks to feddawg who cleaned the audio and thinks it says
"first we have the get some steam....we submerged....2 of the rov's to investigate the signal...., after about half an hour one of the rov's......and after that"

I think its Talbot organizing the initial dive when a sonar signal has been acquired. Initially I too thought that it was a newscast but the audible portions sound like Talbot's voice and the phrases indicate the initial phase of a search recognition operation.

Updated Audio: Big thanks to Charlie08 who provided this version.

I enhanced the audio some more and got a tad more speech out of it,

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