Jan 31, 2008

Sam' s diary Reversed audio

Reversed audio from Sam's diary

The best I can make out is
"Two...Investigate...after about half an hour .. wanna be..... Dar..." (Dharma?)

Who and what do You think its saying ?

Thanks to feddawg who cleaned the audio and thinks it says
"first we have the get some steam....we submerged....2 of the rov's to investigate the signal...., after about half an hour one of the rov's......and after that"

I think its Talbot organizing the initial dive when a sonar signal has been acquired. Initially I too thought that it was a newscast but the audible portions sound like Talbot's voice and the phrases indicate the initial phase of a search recognition operation.

Updated Audio: Big thanks to Charlie08 who provided this version.

I enhanced the audio some more and got a tad more speech out of it,


Lucas Zambone said...
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Joey said...
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Joey said...

Sounds like:
" ... navigate ... two ... are invesigate ... after about half an hour ... one of the ... Dharma ..."

BILL said...

it sounds like talbots voice. and at the end it sounds like he is saying " one of the other dar"...possibly the beginning of dharma?

SpOOky said...

I thought it said Dharma too, But I didnt want to be acused of reaching ;)

Geej said...

I definitely heard Dharma at the end.

Dr. Candle said...

When I listened to the original clip, not this reversed one , I swear I heard something about the "Oceanic Six"! Anyone else hear that?

Geej said...

The question that I think about is more : how the hell did this got on Sam's videotape? And why on that tape?

Betsy said...
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travis said...

Sounds like Talbot.

digitalmason said...

The first part says "first we have to get sandy" and not investigate
I used riva to convert the flv to mpg and then imported the audio into audacity.

Amanda said...

Looks and sounds like I want to investigate and after about half and hour I want to be done. And it does sound like Talbot.

Anonymous said...

the first part is "first may i begin not first we have to get sandy or at least thats what it sounds like to me

Anonymous said...

Tried stitching the clips together myself, extracting the sound, and cutting out the Sam bit in Sound Forge. The sound bits are clearly reversed.

There's a bit in the middle that sounds like "R.V's" or a longer abbreviation ending in R.V. Following that, the most clear bit seems to be:

"to investigate the signal [or "investigate signals"]. After about half an hour, one of the"

Then "R.V.'s" or something again. [seems even more to be an additional letter in front of R.V. here than in the first instance]. After that, it's rather unclear, but then comes something sounding like "looking down", followed by what I'm quite sure is "and that's when we saw it". Then radio crackle noise without any voice.

What I (think I) have so far:

"[...] for the first [something], we submerged[?] *two* ?.R.V's to investigate the signal [or "investigate signals"]. After about half an hour, one of the ?.R.V's expressed[?] [here starts a tone rising in volume] ... looking down. And that's when we saw it [rising tone ends] [crackle]".

Sounds like something out of a TV/radio documentary on some kind of research either at sea, or in a laboratory. Tone of voice sounds like reading a narrative from a book or script, though, rather than the speaker recounting anything he actually experienced himself.

Casey said...

Sounds like a press conference where Talbot is talking about how they lowered the ROVs (what Sam said he was going to use to look for the submerged Black Rock) and then they found it (815?)

Anonymous said...

casey: Oh yeah, good point. :)


Couple of mp3s I made for the stuff above - one is "vanilla", the other ("eq'ed") has bass and some crackle removed to make it a bit easier to hear.

jon said...

Hi with my own secret agent gear "movie maker and windows sound recorder" I hear this

"Aim is to... investigate this thing. After about 1/2 an hour one of the ROV’s (Radio Operated Vehicles) pick up..." then there to much static to make out the rest.

Just my contribution to the conspiracy

Sunshine said...

I don't think it sounds like Talbot.

Pepe said...

"Navigate...two..(are invertigate?)...after about half an hour .. wanna be..... Dharma"

Dharma is very clearly! Possible:

"While we navigate, two of us, investigate the signal. After about half an hour, they found. They wanna be there.. but they can find Dharma."

Anonymous said...

Hmm, i just finished extracting all the static nits from the audio file i got from the flv. I processed them in Adobe Audition and came up with totally different conclusions. I uploaded the complete soundfile of the video, the fragments and all the fragments reversed here :

http://sharebee.com/d71e9256 (3.95MB)

Fragments i'm pretty sure about:
13 : "Desmond"
18 : Desmond saying "did you faint"

11 reversed "six"
15 reversed : "two"

Maybe someone can make some more sense of it.

Ron said...

I think we are hearing a news report, from the future (of this ARG) about the discovery of Flight 815 (by Talbot and Sam). I think the next activity will be us navigating an ROV down the depths and shining the ROV's lights onto 815... we are literally going to find 815.

Kristi said...

yeah, not talbot's voice. sounds like a press conference.

mason said...

The audio tracks are from the ucla radio show.