Jan 10, 2008

Sams Globe

The "Old World Globe" on Sams shelf appears to have had an adjustment to the barings that run around the outside.

Much like the splice in the Maxwell compass barings reported by fans.


Anonymous said...

just wondering, is anyone else making the small connection between the maxwell compass and also the globe having the east and west reversed...and the black rock taking off in an easterly direction instead of west?

SpOOky said...

Me :)

Was the first thing I thought when I read about the black rock.

Thomasriekki said...

wow! I never put that together, great work guys!

Jake Chambers said...

Haha, never thought about that, either.. :)

Ellen said...

@ieatgreenleaves...check out this particular theory I posted several days ago, you may find it interesting!



Jeff said...

Sorry spOOky, but that's a stretch.

SpOOky said...

Jeff, Its an Observation not a theroy :)

I only noticed the globe (I have a globe exactly like the one used in the clip)
I didnt notice the Maxwell distortion, I only read about it but I agree that the compass used on the maxwell site has been sliced :)

Jeff said...

Cool, good observation!

That was me that mentioned the slicing of the compass image on the site, but again, I think it's more a result of poor image compression and not actually a clue.