Jan 19, 2008

Scrambled Maxwell Picture

Big Thanks to Opium for working this out.

Still frame from Sams video diary

Invert Colour

Get jiggy with it :)

James Clerk Maxwell


foxy_bebel said...

yeihhh somebody got it... but how did u got here? where did u find it.. .and plus what is the password!!!!!

Vanessa said...

oooh good job opium!

Felipe "Zero" Martins said...

Someone just unscrambled one of the video stills... I'ts not from the stegged image.
And like i said in the other post, the picture of the other man is from the orientation videos and The Lost Experience... It's Alvar Hanso.

Going to bed now, hope someone gets that **** steg password soon.

Addictedfan said...

Ummm...its not Hanso,its James Clerk Maxwell.

andrea said...

I think is Jacob, from "The man behind the curtain"

Thomasriekki said...

Here are some things I noticed in Cloverfield...maybe some are easter eggs and maybe something is a password!

- Dod# at the begining: 32-16-12
- Reading on the back of the sign where statue of Liberty's head landed (shown in Sam's video blog # 1)
- Man speaking a foreign language to Hud
- Ben Slowalski (his name seemed off centered to me in the credits)
- Tom Killeen was named in the credits under a painter or something.
- Sephora (zoomed in on the words)
- Spring St.

Thomasriekki said...

To clarify my last comment a little:

The film starts with a Department of Defense title screen thing...and the film has a number, which is written the same was as the season 4 clue with the "-" between the numbers. I'm wondering if they can be put together and used for something?
I believe the sign said something like "dead end" so most likely nothing there...
Maybe someone can translate what the man says to Hud...Maybe a hint there?
I found it interesting that Tom Killeen was in the credits. I think it's the name of the fellow with the hotmail account seen on one of the videos from chapter 1. It may also be the guy who posted his photo on the find815 flickr account...I think his name has one less "e" though...still a weird coincidence...

Chris said...

Tom Killeen is a real guy working in the art department. He is not credited for making Cloverfield in other sites, though.


OT: Cloverfield sucks.

Thomasriekki said...

Yeah I was just wondering if he was the guy who posted the photo on flickr and also found it an odd coincidence as there was speculation about that email presented earlier and then the same name (or very close) pops up in the Cloverfield credits.
I actually enjoyed Cloverfield. It had a unique approach and was quite mysterious regarding the origins of the monster. It also reminded me of all the Godzilla movies I watched at a child :P

Felipe "Zero" Martins said...

No, i'm not meaning this guy, the bearded one, it's another still who has another man in it...

I've must not been that clear, you know, typing awake at 3:30 AM with a cigarette in your hand can really mess your logical skills