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Updated: 8th Jan 3:30PM PSTThanks to Paula who was able to find a SECOND solution for the game. It is only a minor difference but we felt it should be added. Click Button Below.

Updated: 8th Jan 15:30 GMT Thanks to Adam we've added a hopefully clearer solution picture for those wanting a solution. See below.

**UPDATED 10:30PM PST** Game Instructions and Progress Added

BTW the site is now up and running for all of you that still have not gotten in.

**UPDATED 7:50PM PST** Solution Added Behind Button

Here is a screencap of the new game for Chapter 2 of Find815.

Thanks to Erica who was one of the lucky few to access Find815.com.

Thanks to Fabio and everyone else who sent me the solution for the game.

Hi there,
I guess I was one of the few lucky ones to actually access the latest Find 815 game just after 9pm. I solved the puzzle just before the site froze on me - gah! I am sure there was supposed to be a second video following a successful solution, but I was unable to see it. I happened to take a screenshot of my progress before I solved the last portion of the puzzle, though (see attached).
If I manage to get back on within a reasonable time frame I will take a screenshot of the solution for you.

Source: ODI

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