Jan 7, 2008

Seoul, South Korea Oceanic Billboard Found!!

Finally, the last Oceanic Airlines Billboard has been found!!

Yup, the BB in Seoul, South Korea has been found at a taxi stand and not as a BB on a highway like in the other cities. At least it has been found and we now have the image to complete the set of all the BBs.

Thanks to FoxySmile for sending me the images and translation. Plus, even more thanks to Dr. Jack from Korean Lost Forum for grabbing the pics.

To see images of all the BBs click here: Oceanic Airlines BB Recap

I'm really excited that some people on Korean Lost forum found the Oceaninc Airlines BB in Seoul!

These pics are taken by Dr.Jack from the Korean Lost forum. It's on a taxi stop on Gwanghwamun street...

I'm a little disappointed that it's not a billboard like the ones in other cities, but still it's a BB in Seoul ;)

The first sentence on the Seoul BB is the same as the one on the LA BB, 'The adventure begins here'.

But the second sentence, 'Your ultimate destination', is translated in Korean as 'You have arrived at your ultimate destination'... I don't know that it really means something or it is just some the wrong translation.

Source: ODI


FoxySmile said...

Thanks ODI :) and I found that my translation of second sentence isn't exact... It would be better if you coud change 'Your ultimate destination is here' into 'You (have) arrived at your ultimate destination'

Thomasriekki said...

I wish there was a Canadian one :P
Are you sure that's all of the BBs?

Paula said...

confirmed translation:
"You have reached your destination"...
so, this is definitely the last billboard

Thomasriekki said...

Couldn't there be other BBs in between? Do you think this BB and the one in Oregon have anything to do with Paik Industries, the company that Sun's dad owns?

HanDS said...

Today, one of the Korean Lost forum member, 'Kyokyoc', found other BB's'. She said, she found 5 BBs only in Jong-no gu, a part of entire Seoul, South Korea. We have some possibility to find more BBs.