Jan 9, 2008

Slave Ship Painting

Thanks to Peter for the following.

The Wikipedia link of the painting (as Ohlinski posted): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Slave_Ship_%28painting%29

If you click the link ' abolitionist' in the text, you will go to the page:

where you can see the famous slave ship picture, which was on Sam's laptop under Sunda Trench web site before..

And also on that page: There is the book cover of Uncle Tom's cabin... But i am not sure if there is any relation to Tom Friendly :)


ohlinski said...

Oooh! Nice find Peter!

Cryan said...

Your is also Ohlinski!

Deneph said...

What a sad painting. Beautifully done, but heartbreaking. How can people be so aweful to each other?

alteraego said...

Greetings from Italy :)
I have noticed that on Oceanic website you can now read and download the "Privacy Policy and term of use"



cldx said...

I second deneph, when i saw it the first time right here on the page i didnt even realize the hands in the water cause i was so stunned by the beautiful drawing of the sun and the ocean. I guess thats one of those things that makes real Art stand out from the mass, its so beautiful and horrifying at the same time it makes you shiver..