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I've starting to wonder whether or not Find 815 exists in the same "reality" as The LOST Experience (TLE from here on). TLE aknowledged the existance of LOST but played it out to be fiction and propaganda made by ABC.

Up until now Find 815 has not mentioned LOST, and understandably so. The show being in this game would create quite a paradox, more so than it did in TLE since the search of Oceanic 815 is so closely related to the actual canon of the show compared to TLE's search for Alvar Hanso.

I am speculationg that LOST, as a show, does not exist in Sam's universe. Therefore to Rachel Blake he is, in theory, fictional. I think Sam is part of the actual TV LOST universe, which is at least partially fictional to characters of The LOST Experience universe. I hope that all makes sense. :)

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