Jan 2, 2008

Sunda Trench Date

Thanks to Dragos for the zoomed image and info below.

I've zoomed in on the Sunda Trench info website, and found some curios dates. I think this confirms what some thought, that the story is taking place in 2006.


The_Other_Other said...

What about Christmas Island ... It was circled multiple times in the video and is a resonable shape to be the Losties island.

As well, according to Wikipedia the indian vessel Pigot reported seeing wild pigs and coconut palms ... but they were not known to be on the island at the time ... they may have found "another" island.


The_Other_Other said...

Upon further review it is not circled by Sam but appears to be topography lines ... but I still think that it is interesting that it is so close to Sunda Trench.