Jan 8, 2008

Sun/Jin Easter Egg in Chapter 2 Part 1 Video (*Updated*)

Update: 11:55 GMTThanks to Dave for the following update.

I'd put a comment up about the "Kwon" Easter Egg - it's actually a boat named Kwikwon that's moored in the Brisbane river near where I live.

Anyway, from what you can see in the video and where I know that boat is moored, can pretty much pinpoint where Hoodlum had that sequence filmed. I've got a suspicion that the "Christiane I" might still be down there actually - there was a ship there roughly the right size last time I drove past.... will check it out tomorrow when it gets daylight !!!

Not really related to the hunt I don't think, but still maybe interesting....

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Well it seems like there is a little easter egg and reference to Sun/Jin at the very beginning of the new video from Chapter 2. The letters "KWON" can be clearly be seen on another boat before Sam reaches the Christiane I.

Thanks to Jollygood11 over at DocArzt blog for the eagle eye and spotting this and thanks to Melissa for the heads up.


DaveSidery said...

Sorry folks - it's not really an Easter Egg - Kwikwon is an actual boat that's moored in the Brisbane river, which looks to be where they filmed that sequence. (Hoodlum is based in Brisbane, and I live a couple of km from the river)

For more info, check out http://www.trailersailerplace.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1612&sid=9c8bd8300304843ead3b005ab6f5417d

Still feels very cool to recognize an area from near my house !!! ;-)

Krisch said...

If you find that boat, check if it is able to carry an helicopter.
Because I don't think it is Naomi's boat. That would be too easy and not very Lost-like.

But it could be Penny's boat. She is searching for Desmond as we know.