Jan 12, 2008

Synopsis of Chapter 3

Thanks to Sindol

Sam's desire to leave the Christiane I at the next port comes across an unexpected obstacle, leaving him curious about the identity of Talbot's employers.


Dr. Candle said...

The ODI, is this an educated guess, insider info, or what?? Where did Sindol get this info? Inquiring LOST minds want to Know!!

Anonymous said...

if you change your computer clock to some point when chapter 3 would be available, you can see this in the 'story so far' section under chapter 3

Congested said...

Ooh sounds cool. Sam better not get off that boat

Thomasriekki said...

I think he got it from the chapter 2 video diary. The site is updated in X amount of hours irrelevant of your specific time zone.

Paula said...

Of course Sam won't get off that boat!! Were there doubts about it??

btw, i don't think changing your puters time will help.... but i'll try anyways ;D

Tevildo said...

It DOES work. I see:

"Sam's desire to leave the Christiane I at the next port comes across an unexpected obstacle, leaving him curious about the identity of Talbots employers.

WEEK 4 text text text

WEEK 5 text text text"

Faisal said...

it is said that For every complex problem, there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong

and i think that the whole story; hristiane_i, black rock, sunda.. is the clear, simple, and wrong answer

as i said before, i don't think "Christiane I" is actualy Christiane I -> the vessel, but when chapther 2 started and sam got on it, i started to think that maybe i was wrong..

but now there is a chance that maybe be i wasn't after all,

if you take another look at sam's desk, you will clearly notic the ring box, with no writing on it, as the one we saw in an earlier video,


that means that sam intended to show us the one with Manhattan mark on it on the dairy 1 video.
and that wasn't a mistake coz if it was, why they put the box on the desk opened and faced up to us?? it says something, right?

also tracey said that there are a lot of things called black rock, companies, building, groups, why we assumed that it is the ship??

also, the message with all the numbers, if it was all about the gray numbers(-11.1784) then why the rest of the numbers??i think it says a lot more than just the gray numbers, coz it was soooo clear, and usually clues are much harder to find

Dr. Candle said...

Actually if you look at the ring box now, It looks like its packed with writing!! Any photoshop people out there blow it up and take a look please!

Dr. Candle said...
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Anonymous said...

Sam looses his fiance when Flight 815 crashes. He's hell bent to never give up the search. He receives a mysterious e-mail containing a photo of Sonya. Embedded in her photo are "black rock," Christian I," and "sunda trench." He pull strings to get on a flight to Jakarta, begs and proves his worthyness to get on boardthe Christiane 1, learns it is in search of a slave ship that could be the Black Rock)that went down in the general area that flight 815 might be, and then...
decides to get off at the next port because this might be a wild goose chase?