Jan 15, 2008

Activity 3: Talbot's Cabin

Sam can't get of the ship, but he'll do a little investigation on Talbot's cabin...

activity is getting harder lol
Here is what you get if you fail:

and when you're brilliant enough like ALex is, you'll get this success video:


jd said...

just curious on the process of how you take videos from the site and put it on this one

Dr. Candle said...

I had no problem with this one. But why does Talbot have Mullins briefcase? Are there clues to the Maxwell Groups login and password in the other names and numbers in the phone?

Themos said...

Did anyone else notice that the papers in the briefcase read "Maxwell group: a division of Widmore industries"? As in Penelope Widmore?

modernman said...

my guess..penny set up the maxwell group to find desmond..under the guise of black rock salvage...but has 2 fund it thru widmore industries..

Anonymous said...

Trancription of the first video ( I used it to update the Lost Maps!!! )


We'll be passing Christmas Island soon.

That's Australian Territory so just drop me there.

We miss Christmas Island by 150 miles.

Incidentally that's as close as you'll get to Christmas this year.

We dock in Jakarta early January.

Better let your folks you won't be back for the holidays.

So there's no way off?

Well, you could lead a mutiny.

But unless you've got pockets as deep as Talbot's I wouldn't bother.

Oh great.

Look, I'm contracted to scan within a search grid.

If I step outside that search grid, Talbot's gonna know.

So I stay inside it, because if I do, well find Black Rock

and when I do Talbot'll pay me.

When he does, I'll pay some bills.

Which right now is a lot more important to me than your itinerary!

So where does Talbot get his deep pockets from?

A syndicate.

You mean you don't know?

Anonymity's not uncommon in marine salvage.

It allows investors to plunder heritage sites

without spoiling anyone's reputation.

Except mine.

But don't you want to know what you're getting involved in?

I guess not.

Oi, shift starts 3am. Sharp."

travis said...

Talbot has a lousy American accent.

Hipster Doofus said...

jd- the new realplayer has a plugin that allows you to download pretty much any video off the net. Its really cool, and its free.

Anonymous said...

A syndicate eh? Hmmm.

Smullie said...

Syndicate? As in X-Files style?
So Juliet was right saying they're building a landing strip for the aliens :P

ozguroyus said...

@jd: you can look at your browser's cache for the files, just make sure you browse the said directory listed according to the file sizes. The cache directories for common browsers are:

Internet Explorer 6:

C:\Documents and Settings\[your_username]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\

Opera 9:

C:\Documents and Settings\[your_username]\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\cache4\

Mozilla Firefox 2:

C:\Documents and Settings\[your_username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\33378bvi.default\Cache\

Note:Your Firefox profile no is different, don't mind the above 33378bvi.default directory.

In Internet Explorer 6 and Opera, the video files have the extension .flv and sometimes .tmp, in Firefox none has any extension, so look at the biggest file.

And also make sure you have the codecs to play the flv videos, the famous K-Lite codec pack or VideoLANClient (vlc) works fine.

Btw there are nice video ripper extensions for Firefox, for example Fast Video Download:


@Hipster Doofus:

Ahahaha, I thought there's no one left on the planet that uses RealPlayer, which plug-in is that?