Jan 10, 2008

Update Clues and Videos

It seems there is a projection on the wall?!


Jyrki said...

It looks to me like an email with a title, some text and an attached picture?

Smullie said...

Many of us noticed the same thing also on Sam's desk.

Opium said...

Yeah it's bizzarre how many overlays have been used huh? They're not really decipherable... but i bet they relate to some puzzle later on. Either that or they're just added to bring 'texture' to the images, and add a little bit of extra intrigue. Who knows. Judging by how easy the games have been so far though, I don't think they're expecting people to be taking screen shots and adjusting brightness/contrast etc... Did anyone play 'the lost experience'? I didn't myself... how complex was that? was there hidden meanings and easter eggs and crap in that?

Lost_Island said...

how about the one in the bedroom have you seen that one. I dont understand it maybe if we try to change the color or somthin like that, we could prob get it to show. well i hope so

johnlocke said...

I tried to make some adjustements with Photoshop to find out more about these hidden layers..I got these screenshots:


(there are some written numbers/letters)

and here's the circle in detail

dunno if they can help..