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Update: 13:15Video should be back up thanks to Dan.
Update: 12:50The video is currently down due to excessive bandwidth. We're trying to get it reloaded.

Thanks to Dan for the following.

I decompiled the SWF files and found some misc images (unused stuff, possibly) but I also found video diary #1, complete with transcript.

I've also attached some random images I came across also, some you may have already seen (I saw you already have the Driveshaft album cover, but this one is higher quality)

My name is Sam Thomas.
And up until a few days ago I worked for Oceanic Airlines.
I was an IT technician.
My partner Sonya also worked for Oceanic.
She was a flight attendant.
Sonya was on board Flight 815 when it...disappeared.
Oceanic have recently decided to abandon the search for 815.
Despite this I won't stop looking.
You see I need to know what happened.
And if I'm honest with myself this is part of the reason why.
She's a beauty isn't she.
Two months from now was to be the
8th anniversary of the day Sonya and I met.
And my plan was to get down on one knee,
which would have really embarrassed her,
give her this ring and ask her to marry me.
And that would have made up for all the times I could have.
But I didn't.
Tomorrow I'm flying to Jakarta.
I'm going to hitch a ride aboard a salvage boat called the Christiane I
which is looking for a shipwreck somewhere in the deepest waters on the planet.
And I'm doing this because I received a coded message
in a photograph from a group called 'MAXWELL'.
It might seem crazy but to tell you the truth I feel like crap,
I can't sleep and I'm not going to just sit around
waiting to feel good again.
I've had enough of waiting until it's too late.

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