Jan 5, 2008

Video Distortions

Sam's Diary Video 1 has a number of distortions during playback

'I am monster' @ 4815162342.com forum
found some interesting frames that seem to be a picture overlay


Update: After many attempts I was able to see and grab the hidden face in the diary Video that was posted about earlier.
My original Inclination to think it fake was wrong, Sorry to those who found it, Great find guys.

Here is a Slideshow of the distortions.


Sawyers said...

In the 5th pic/screencap down, when Sam is standing up, that definately looks like a '6' on his arm.

editor said...

Don't be a dumb-ass spooky. The face has been independently verified. As a matter of fact, another of Dark's contributors posted it about a half an hour after we did. It's kinda sad that the only frame you posted that actually shows anything was taken from us, without any credit.

Anonymous said...

The face is absolutely there, but it is hard to spot, it's just after Sam says Maxwell just as the subtitles for his next line come on screen but before he says it.

tanside said...

The "6" on his arm is actually the Statue of Liberty's eye, check out the first message posted in the post above this one.

DarkUFO said...

Good post SpOOky.

I've still not seen any video which shows the green face. I think it's a fake.

SpOOky said...

editor said...

Editor, Im not being a Ass
I converted the movie to avi and checked every frame and it was not present, however Its possible the movie was changed
(Hence why I said Im Inclined to think & Might have been edited.)
Can you tell me how its been varified ?

I took no frames from you m8, I dont even know were your from :(

The face frame I got from DarUfo site.
The two overlay frames I got from I am Monster in the arg section of the 48 forum as I said

The rest were all my own frames, So I dont know what you mean by Ive not given you credit :/

hevernan said...

hey if you you look @ the last of the first 3 Pics, that with the squares... it seems that there is a pictuer under the normal from Sam, is it possible that if you take all squares in the Vid, and put them together that there is a pic??

docarzt said...

Ha! Dark my friend, that presumption is silly. This is why you need fewer contributors, so you can keep a reign on them. We're posting a walk-through in a few moments on http://www.docarzt.com . The man in the glitch is real, and if you ask me this post is a bit too much nuts and not enough salad.

Spooky: First of all, you converted it. Use something that actually lets you look at each frame raw. How do you know you didn't drop frames in the conversion? Obviously you did.

Joshjb said...

I was the one who posted the frame. I've been a contributer on SpoilerTV since the beginning, I have no reason what-so-ever to do such a thing (edit the picture), plus I probably wouldn't even know how.

docarzt said...

Face it Josh.... you're a faker. ;)

deegs said...

this picture is NOT FAKE. i heard people saying that the picture was later removed from the video but it wasn't. i just checked and the picture is still there. you have to do some serious rewinding and fast clicking to get to it but it is DEFINITELY there.
here's my screenshot of the picture taken on Saturday, Jan 5th at 1:10 PM:


Koobie said...

The face frame is 100% real, but this frame only shows up on the video diary on Find815.com. The only reason it does not show up on the ABC is because the are using the prerelease version of the diary.

Now if you still are having doubts simply go to Find815.com click on the video camera and watch the video again. This frame is found towards the end of the video when Sam says he recieved "coded message and a photograph from a group called maxwell."

You will see a flash of a purple image, and when that image is inverted you get the Green Man.

SpOOky said...

docarzt: Im not trying to steal anyones thunder, I like everyone else just want to be Informed, If it is Real I like everyone else want to know it.
I was asked to help with posting to this section, I didnt ask for it.

About the FACE
First somebody else told me they didnt see the frame and I could not see it
So I converted to avi so that I could better check it frame by frame with the software I use.

And it was not present.
I noticed a frame that fit with the picture so it seemed most likely a fake to me.
When I posted I choose my words carefully, saying "Im Inclined to think" So that I was demonstrateing my opinion, Not stateing a fact
Because I thought it possible the movie clip could have been changed at some point.

Im not out to disprove it as fake, I like you just want to be well Informed.

If it is indeed a frame from the movie then I appologise
From what I had seen the conclusion I made was a logical one, not an attempt to steal anyones thunder.

SpOOky :)

docarzt said...

I think that it is NOT in the lost.abc.com version of the video.

I don't want to stir you up, but "I couldn't find it so it must be fake" isn't really logical. Go to the source and ask them how they found it. Saying it is "fake" without checking facts is kind of inflammatory.

SpOOky said...

After Many attempts I finally have been able to spot the hidden face Image and can confirm that it is genuine and I was Indeed wrong.

Ity seems that Doc was right and the frame must have been dropped in conversion.
My most sincere apologies to those who originally spotted the face.

Im Updateing the post to confirm its the real deal.

andrea said...

Is it Michael Stahl-David, "Cloverfield"'s main character?

SpOOky said...

Doc, As I pointed out already I deliberatly said "Im Inclined to think" I didnt state it as a fact.

I have updated the post to Confim my mistake.
I like others make mistakes sometimes :(
Again Im sorry for my mistake
I was unable to see it on the site so I got a copy of the movie and concerted, either the copy I got was one one without it Or it got dropped in conversion.

After seeing your Insistance
I went back and tried over and over because I felt if you were sure then it must be there, and indeed it was.
I hope you can now forgive my blunder.

docarzt said...

lol... like I've never made a mistkae? :D Of course. no harm, no foul.

Joshjb said...

@ Doc
"Face it Josh.... you're a faker. ;)"

Stop, you're gonna make me cry.

lol anyway, everyone makes mistakes, it's alright, Spooky.

cldx said...

How bout yall stop the childish fighting, i thought were in this together, you cannot blame anyone for thinking it was fake since it had the same distortions as the flickster pic of tkillen, you know the purple thing, we should more likely join forces and see if we can find some more stuff thatll keep us busy for the weekend. Id rather have a clue confirmed 5 times than not at all, so lets shake hands on another great find for today.

P.S. Yes!! I did it! I spotted it too, not like i didnt believe anybody but i just wanted to see for myself.

Anonymous said...

Could the face be Mittelwerk?

XaRen said...

Hi all, after being away for nearly 24 hours, I'm glad now, that I was not judged as a faker ;)

Actually I wouldn't trust anyone, too, without seeing it by myself. :)

Do we have any certain clues who this guy is?


GreenBeretBob said...

I agree with andrea, it does look like the main character from Cloverfield. If you google his name you can find almost an exact image (well, it looks almost exact to me).