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Updated: 11:52 PM EST
I thought I'd make a post summarizing all of the Clue Hunt Season 4 Clues after I noticed the Tunisian Newspaper in tonight's episode, it makes it easier than hunting back through posts.

This was the Chapter 1 Season 4 Clue. The Oceanic Hotline. I believe that was the number Frank Lapidus called in tonight's episode to point out that the pilot was totally not the pilot. This goes along with my theory on how its a coverup and not a time warp. (How cool was Frank, btw?)
The clue words for this chapter were:
abc.com: Matthew
au.yahoo.com/lost: Abaddon

This is the Chapter 2 Season 4 Clue. Penny's number. I don't believe we've seen this yet.
The clue words for this chapter were:
abc.com: 423 Cheyne Walk
au.yahoo.com: Daniel Faraday

The Chapter 3 Season 4 Clue was the Tunisian newspaper. This appeared in tonight's episode episode when Charlotte was on the Dharma Polar Bear dig.
The clue words for this Chapter were:
abc.com: 36-15-28
au.yahoo.com: Charlotte Lewis

The Chapter 4 Season 4 Clue was the Santa Rosa pill bottle, which I guess was cluing us in to Hurley's stay during last week's season premiere.
The clue words for this chapter were:
abc.com: Frank Lapidus
au.yahoo.com/lost: Miles Straume

The Chapter 5 Season 4 Clue was a metal container printed "Queens College Department of Physics." We know Daniel Faraday is a physicist. With the information overload in tonight's episode, I don't know if it was mentioned that he was at Queens College or not. I'm assuming he was.
The Clue words for this chapter were:
abc.com: Southfields
au.yahoo.com/lost: Red Sox

I don't know about anyone else, but I thought it was really cool having played this whole game, hearing them mention the Christiane I in tonight's episode, and then seeing these clues pop up in the show. It really makes the whole thing worth it, even if it was a little tangential.

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