Feb 8, 2008

Season 4 Clues--Updated: Clue Words Added

Updated: 11:52 PM EST
I thought I'd make a post summarizing all of the Clue Hunt Season 4 Clues after I noticed the Tunisian Newspaper in tonight's episode, it makes it easier than hunting back through posts.

This was the Chapter 1 Season 4 Clue. The Oceanic Hotline. I believe that was the number Frank Lapidus called in tonight's episode to point out that the pilot was totally not the pilot. This goes along with my theory on how its a coverup and not a time warp. (How cool was Frank, btw?)
The clue words for this chapter were:
abc.com: Matthew
au.yahoo.com/lost: Abaddon

This is the Chapter 2 Season 4 Clue. Penny's number. I don't believe we've seen this yet.
The clue words for this chapter were:
abc.com: 423 Cheyne Walk
au.yahoo.com: Daniel Faraday

The Chapter 3 Season 4 Clue was the Tunisian newspaper. This appeared in tonight's episode episode when Charlotte was on the Dharma Polar Bear dig.
The clue words for this Chapter were:
abc.com: 36-15-28
au.yahoo.com: Charlotte Lewis

The Chapter 4 Season 4 Clue was the Santa Rosa pill bottle, which I guess was cluing us in to Hurley's stay during last week's season premiere.
The clue words for this chapter were:
abc.com: Frank Lapidus
au.yahoo.com/lost: Miles Straume

The Chapter 5 Season 4 Clue was a metal container printed "Queens College Department of Physics." We know Daniel Faraday is a physicist. With the information overload in tonight's episode, I don't know if it was mentioned that he was at Queens College or not. I'm assuming he was.
The Clue words for this chapter were:
abc.com: Southfields
au.yahoo.com/lost: Red Sox

I don't know about anyone else, but I thought it was really cool having played this whole game, hearing them mention the Christiane I in tonight's episode, and then seeing these clues pop up in the show. It really makes the whole thing worth it, even if it was a little tangential.


GreenBeretBob said...

Yeah, it was really great playing the game and seeing references (like the newspaper and the mention of the Christiane I). I also think playing the game was worth it! :)

Jessica said...

This is great! Can someone also list the clue words from each chapter since they are relevant as well?

Linds said...

i love it!! for WEEKS i have been telling all of my friends to play that game... now they understand why!

Hipster Doofus said...

I'll go and see if I can find the Clue Words, Jessica.

Sunshine said...

I agree with you guys. It was SO exciting to have so much from the ARG show up in tonight's episode.

Hipster Doofus said...

Ok, clue words added.

Jessica said...

Thanks hipster!

dragossh said...

It feels like a reward watching those things pop out in the epsiode.

I loved the ROV footage, that was a really great tie-in.

Andy B said...

You know... I was actually kind of disappointed. The discovery of Oceanic 815 unfolded completely differently than it did in the game. Sam was not controlling the ROV's.

This makes you wonder just how canonical find815 really was.

JerseyDoc said...

You are correct about Daniel Faraday. The show said he was in Essex, Massachusettes when watching the news. One of the colleges of Cambridge University is The Queen's College of Saint Margaret and Saint Bernard, commonly called Queens College.
Interestingly, one of the more famous sites at Queens College is the Mathematical Bridge, which connects the older half of the college (affectionately referred to by students as The Dark Side) with the newer half (The Light Side).

mattcar said...

When you get all the s4 clues togather and the clue words I think they are all pointing to the new charaters. the queens college points to Daniel Faraday, the tunisian Paper points to Charlotte Lewis, the oceanic hot line points to Frank Lapidus, I think the Santa Rosa bottle points To Matthew Abaddon, that leaves the penny clue who I would say could lead to Naomi beacuse she had the pic from Penny but I my theory is that it will lead to Miles Struam I think he might have been the guy to get a hold of the pic from penny. but when you look at the word clues all of the new members were mentioned and we are left with 423 cheyne walk, 36-15-28, Southfields, and Red Sox. these are the clues to watch for that is my take on the clues.

tvwatcherinvt said...

I loved it too, felt like a real insider.

well I am betting Red Sox for Daniel(Ma)

36-15-28 always seemed like a cobination lock to me?

423 Cheyne Walk and Southfield are both in London, and let's not forget penny's phone number

Anonymous said...

where in london is southfield?

oodles said...

and it's Southfields with an "s".

oodles said...


It's actually near Battersea where the Battersea Power Station with the Widmore logo is located. This in turn is just across the river from one of London's Cheyne Walks which is close to Penny's dad's office etc. so it may well be a Penny tie-in.

oodles said...

ooohhh, just found a connection between Southfields and Cheyne Walk: George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) lived at one time in Southfields (Wimbledon Park Road) and in the the last few weeks of her life she lived at No. 4 Cheyne Walk.

The Wikipedia entry to the plot summary of one of her novels "The Mill on the Floss" contains the following line: "Maggie’s brief exile ends when the river floods. The flood is considered by some to be a deus ex machina.

Moreover, she wrote a book entitled Brother Jacob (1864)!

Greg said...

Excerpt from the Lost article from TV Guide- Jan. 28- Feb. 3:

"Did the Red Sox really win the World Series?" Jack asked.

"Don't get me started," responded Lapidus, who may or may not intend to rescue the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. "I bleed Yankee blue."

Here's the address- http://bp1.blogger.com/_RrObyQ3XzcY/R5ZxbaPc9YI/AAAAAAAARkA/w5XVBrAlm3E/s1600-h/darkufoLost+3005.jpg

Possible reference to the Find 815 season 4 clue?

nightphoenix13 said...

If you look closely, the Santa Rosa pill bottle has numbers on it. I know I read somewhere (Dont' remember. I read too many LOST related websites and articles to remember) that Hurley is haunted by more numbers. Different numbers. Maybe these are them. I think they have some significance.

Anonymous said...

Anyone bother mapping the Tunisia location along with the found 815 coordinates? Could lead to something WRT the compass on TMG, or perhaps that "echo" theory of things from the island appearing elsewhere.

Hipster Doofus said...

Ah! I love that Lapidus is a Yankee fan. I knew I liked his character, and knew that my dad would probably like him as well (if for nothing other than his tropical shirts). I'm a huge Yankee fan and watching the Red Sox win is torture. I think Damon Lindelof is a Yankee fan as well, so this must be some kind of therapy for him or something.

Hipster Doofus said...

nightphoenix, I believe the numbers were coded for some bonus clue.

Anonymous said...

The Maxwell site has new information on it! There is a clip of Talbot talking about Sam, the trench, and finding 815. Might want to check it out!

Anonymous said...

That was available after the season debut, tuesday.

Samantha said...

I thought the whole thing was a royally stupid and pointless exercise.

I couldn't locate one season 4 clue, and even when I see on this webiste the list of what they are (is the list the clues or the words you need to get the lcues who thef*** knows) I still cant find them. So now I know what the clues are, what does that tell me? nothing. more pointless circling.
so would someone publish WHERE they are on the PAGE. clue hunts suck.

Jambo said...

its not rocket science, you simply move your mouse around and when it turns into a small hand, you click.
Taddaaaaa. clue

Topher said...

I don’t know if this is old news but , i have made a connection between LOST and a LOST spin off
web site www.find815.com
This web site tells the story of how the staged oceanic flight 815 crash site is found, its kind of cool cos there a clues to find and puzzles to solve on it.
Now there are five clues to find, first is a oceanic hot line with the number “888-548-0034” on it,
Second is (maybe) a dairy turned to the last page and on it reads “if found please return to penny “(PH 020-7946-0893). Third is (maybe) a French news paper reporting on the oceanic flight 815 crash. Forth is container (bottle) of medication from the Santa Rosa mental Health Institute.
Fifthly a container (box) with the words “Property of Queens College Dept of physics”
Now the connection.
Five clues and the five newest characters on the island.
The first the hot line Frank Lupidus, (pilot) calls the oceanic hot line. The second the dairy i think is linked to Niomi (Niomi either stole, found or was given the dairy from a group. That’s how they and herself know about Desmond. Desmond going missing may of given clues to the island location, and aided them on their hunt for Ben.) The third Charlotte Staples Lewis (anthropologist) picking up an news paper reporting on the oceanic flight 815 crash (with the same title) at the polar bear dig site. The forth the Santa Rosa medication is i think is linked to Miles Straume ( a ghost buster) who in his time was committed or is receiving medication from Santa Rosa (in his line of work “ghost busting” at first may of thought himself mad, or other people who thought him to be so, and off to Santa Rosa he went)
Fifthly the box labelled “Property of Queens College Dept of physics” is the department where
Daniel Faraday, (physicist) works


Andrew said...

Did anyone else notice the ghosted document or web page on the wall between Sam's desk and the sink in his cabin (for the chapter 2 clues)?

Anonymous said...

i am so lost. I go to the website find815.com and its just a picture of a man. I can't see anywhere to plug in the codes!? Can someone help?