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Thanks to Arthur, here is the transcript of Tracey's Voice Mail Message that we hear before the Trivia Questions:

Hey Sam,
I wasn't sure if you'd get my email so I thought I'd leave a message.
OK, The Black Rock. It was a slave ship that worked the black market in the late 1900's. It disappeared mysteriously in the South Indian Ocean in 1881.

It was on it's way back from a gold collecting expedition in Papau New Guinea.
The ship was en route to Africa where the gold was to be illegally exchanged for slaves.

Nice, huh? Anyway, apparently New Guinean traders claim the ship sailed away in an Easterly direction, not West as it should have. And it was never seen again.

From what I can make out there were 40 crew on board....and get this... after the "Black Rock" disappeared, no company claimed ownership of the vessel, probably because of its links to slave trading which was outlawed by then.

Now while no direct ownership can be proven, what is known is that Black Rock left the Portsmouth docks from slip 23, and a group called the New World Sea Traders managed slips 18 through 27.

The owner of the New World Sea Traders was a former ship's captain by the name of Magnus Hanso and he would often captain numerous voyages each year - there's a possibility he was in charge of the Black Rock on that last voyage.

OK, I hope that's useful.

Still don't know what all this has to do with anything but I trust you know what you're doing. See ya.

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