Jan 10, 2008

Sam's Flat Screen LG TV

Well time has always been a critical part of LOST and many of us have wondered when Find815 was actually taking place. We have had a few clues to confirm that these events are taking place pretty much present day (2007).

Here is a possible clue to confirm this. Sam's room has a fairly modern looking LG Flat Screen TV, is it just part of the design of the room or thrown in there as a clue??

Thanks to Amanda for the original screencaps.

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Jake Chambers said...

There weren't such TV's last year?

s3phy said...

I can't find any LG TV with a silver border like that one on LG's website. So it could be an older model than the actual range.

Fran said...

I've got an LG similar to that. It's more than 4 years old!

travis said...

Sam's laptop is close to 4 years old, is it possible the flat screen is four years old as well?

Anonymous said...

It isn't like Lost is occuring 50 years ago, it was 2004. Here is an excerpt from the LG history site.
2004 ㆍEVSB, the next-generation DTV transmission technology, chosen to be the US/Canada
ㆍIndustry standard by the US ATSC
ㆍCommercializes world’s first 55" all-in-one LCD TV
ㆍCommercializes world’s first 71" plasma TV
ㆍDevelops world’s first Satellite- and Terrestrial-DMB handsets

So, all this tells us is, nothing really. This arg is to setup season 4 and give us something to do and get some excitement going, so for all purposes, I am going on the assumption Sam is in the end of 2004 just like the losties, otherwise this doesn't make any sense.

tvwatcherinvt said...

so do we think Sam hacked into the Oceanic broadcast from the past?

scifiguyuk said...

OK, I like the intrigue and mystery and overall fan obsession as much as the next lost fan, but this is taking it slightly too far. It's just a TV. I know the writers have a little more time on their hands at the moment, but I highly doubt they've sat down and thought about all that. Hands up, if I'm wrong, but I think it's just a TV. :)

Paul said...

We've been watching the first season on abc.com and LG is sponsoring like 90% of the ads. and they're all for their new flatscreens.

Josh said...

The Oceanic Airlines press release from flyoceanicair.com is dated December 28, 2007. The billboards coincide with the press release, and they've all been tagged with "Find815.com", which is Sam's site (he hacked it into the ad on flyoceanicair.com, it's his profile name on MySpace, etc.). I think these facts alone clearly demonstrate that this alternate reality game is supposed to be taking place in (more or less) real time.

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Anonymous said...

uh the lg flat isn't a clue. ABC is advertising this brand left and right. Trying to figure any possible way to fit them in. It's all over there media player. On there site. I don't know about television broadcast, but I'm sure. To emphasize this, in the first chapter, when Sam closes the closet door- there is a box with HD written on it. The HD logo glows for a split second.

So point blank, it's advertisement. Unless you need high definition flat-screen t.v.'s to find 815. My guess is that they are the companies that sponsored find815.