Jan 18, 2008

Chapter 3: New Emails, Website and Phone Message

**UPDATED** Thanks to Ben for My Progress Screencap.

The "My Progress" window once again shows us that we are left with only the video diary for this chapter.

**UPDATED** Thanks to Hoku for the Wiki Screencap.

Thanks to Paula for the screencaps.

NOTE: More to follow soon

New Email from Tracey provides us with the Bali Holiday Fun site. Here is the link to the previous post about the BHF Site.

Two New Emails:

Website is Related to James Clerk Maxwell:

As posted much earlier in this game the image of Maxwell and on Wiki:

Phone Message From: Dowling of Oceanic Air

My Progress:


Cody said...

I was wonder what the pause in the video with all the instument flashing was. I think the "electromagnetic energy" was the hatch blowing up after Desmond turned the key.

On a time line note. How many Island days passed from when Des turned the key until Naomi landed on the Island?

Will said...

Cody: It was about 19 or 20 days. A little less than three weeks

Anonymous said...

nice theory, but i thing its later,,, i thing the key turn make the people look for this region..

I thik Maxwell group is a penny´s company insade the Widmore!

Anonymous said...

Btw.. nothing new in today, all the info given today was well know already!

Sam should be looking for Widmore not Maxwell so we can get new info!

*.arty said...

Very interesting...Damon and Carlton are definitively behind all this!!!

Diego Alexandre said...

yeah, maybe is before the explosion of the hatch, the "electromagnetic energy" in every 108min makes the computers go crazy on the boat... :]

Cody said...

nice theory, but i thing its later,,, i thing the key turn make the people look for this region..

This could be very true. But what cause the instuments to go haywire? they showed us this for a reason and they hinted in Tracy's email that it was a "very strong" electromagnetic energy wave.

Maqrkk said...

Wow, never thought about the posibility that the flashing instruments could have anything to do with something happening on the Island. It makes sense in a way. I do think it would be Desmond turning the key. If it would happen every 108 minutes, the guys in the anomaly-station (end of season 2) would have noticed it before, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I still don't buy the idea that the island is located in this region, however they did say that the tsunami would show in season 4 maybe the writers switched the location of the island to fit in with the 2004 tsunami

Steff said...

the site now really exists (http://www.answermyquestions.org/) and the real site is http://www.find815.com/amq/maxwell.html

Juan Manuel said...

nice theory, but i thing its later,,, i thing the key turn make the people look for this region..

I believe that the system failure was what caused that people looked for in the region

Tom said...

They key turn could be about right in terms of calendar timeline (Key turn was about 65 days after the crash, so mid-December / Sam won't be home for Christmas).

Time of day is out of whack though - Key turn was in daylight, instruments went nuts at night.

What about another similar but not as extreme event - like when they let the timer go down to 0:00, but then still typed in the numbers?

Cody said...


I was also thinking about that. What episode was it when they let the counter go to zero and we first saw the heiroglyphics? The alarm sounded for a little while and then the losties typed in the numbers.

James said...

I've brought this up before, but has anyone looked into Maxwell's "Maxwell's Demon" theory?

Tom said...

Not sure. It was Jack & Locke debating it, right? - Season 2 seems so long ago now. Maybe we can look forward to a big purple sky or at least a major event for Sam soon.

Christy G said...

haha!! yall maxwell field is in the town where i'm from! i can't believe montgomery, alabama made an appearance in the game. i feel totally honored :) BUT I have only been paying attention a little bit to the game because of school, but i'm really interested to see how they will fit all this into the timeline.

Tnmaurer said...

When sam was above deck and heard the noise coming from down below (electronic interference) did anyone notice how much is sounded like the noise from TLE? www.persephone.thehansofoundation.org?

AxisKarl said...

send an email to baliholidayfun@gmail.com per the website

yung said...
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yung said...

all this maxwell info is to make people look toward what Maxwell used to gauge the electromagnetic field. QUATERNIONS.

BUT... it goes deeper than maxwell.

Its long been my theory that Dharma used a form of quaternions, a higher dimensional lattice type of co-ordinate system created by CLIFFORD ALGEBRAs.

this is the highest mathematical equiavalent to the quaternions and is used to probe the secrets of STRING THEORY.

and all of it fits right in with SPIN FOAMS and Lie groups (therefore also THE NUMBERS).. GROUP THEORY, GAUGE THEORY, QUANTUM FIELD THEORY.. etc etc etc.

Using all this stuff we will "FIND 815"

January 21, 2008 12:01 AM

yung said...


Although they have been superseded in most applications by vectors, they still find uses in both theoretical and applied mathematics, in particular for calculations involving three-dimensional rotations, such as in 3D computer graphics.

so you see, our island is a simulated yet quantum based environment, but its being simulated by matter which is Chiral to ours. ie mirror matter.

this is why later on, we will all get spoilers and ARGS about holonomy, homomorphisms and mapping sufaces to objects then back again... its gonna get even deeper before the answer is known.

they basically holographically cloned our universe into a custom mirror symmetry universe where the calculation to solve the problem may be found.
(the Valenzetti problem possibly)

answers are easier when done using controllable symmetric examples of even more complex systems.

like counting oranges if you get the metaphor.

I can go on and on about all this btw....

yung said...
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yung said...

and YES james..

I've brought this up before, but has anyone looked into Maxwell's "Maxwell's Demon" theory?

I am the author of LOST-TV's "Apollo/Homoplasmate theory" which dealt with the notion of a gnostic man able to control space,time and matter..

and I eventually came to the conclusion this as of yet unknown man, (who turned out to be JACOB).. was the systems Maxwellian Demon, defeating the second law of thermodynamics..

here is the url to ONE of those posts..