Jan 18, 2008

Site Problems

**UPDATED** Looks like we are back up, but if it goes down again please be patient and check back soon.

Hey All,
Since the site is having problems I am not too sure how many will even see this, but the blogspot sites (servers) seem to be having some issues today returning error warnings when trying to access specific pages.

I have already messaged Dark about this, so please be patient because he is sleeping and most likely it is a Blogspot issue that will work it's way out.



tanside said...

Welcome back! it was a rough couple hours, it was the time of day i always show up and do some catching up on the ARG, but i'm alright now that she's back up.

cldx said...

Right, yesterday night was horrible, bad enough the find815.com site always updates in the middle of the night, but having to spend a whole evening without being able to catch up made me really feel "Left behind" xD

Jennifer B said...

So glad it's back. I needed my fix! Now I know how Charlie felt. Ok that was a little dramatic.