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***UPDATE***: Added more screenshots and transcript from the video.

Here is the third video diary in high quality.

Thanks to Dudu Maroja for the following transcript:

Here are some interesting screenshots from the video:
(Click to enlarge)
1) Braille in the top-right corner

1.1) There are many possibilities for conversion, but using the simplest one (symbol - letter) except for the first symbol you get: "with d x i h a d f j i". It may be anagram which is the password for the steg picture. If you find something useful post it as a comment.

2) A figure of a man?

3) A figure of a woman?

4) White figure?

4.1) Thanks to Opium, who inverted the colors, played with the pieces and got the picture of James Clerk Maxwell

5) Sam in red (carpe diem = a red pic me)

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