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Update: Here is a braille chart for those interested.

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Excuse me for not naming names, but anyone who was (and is) present after last night's video, throwing theories around and coming up with ideas about what this clue could be, deserves lots of credit. There were tons of people in the chat room last night and everyone was helping each other try different ways of solving the braille mystery.

Feel free to email any of us about an idea or solution you may have for further posts about the braille. There is enough in the comments of this post alone to scrutinize over. And please continue the discussion this weekend in the DarkUFO chat room and in the comments of posts here on the site. :)


There are numerous guesses going around in the comments and in the chat room about the translation of the braille. Check out the comments to see some of the possible translations.

Original Post:

As we and numerous readers have noticed there is (what appears to be) braille in a frame of Sam's latest video diary. Use the comments to post what you can translate the braille into and see where it may turn up as useful (ie; The Maxwell Group website or the Stegosaurus image we learned about earlier this week.) Good luck! :)

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