Jan 19, 2008

Braille in Sam's latest diary video

Update: Here is a braille chart for those interested.

(Click to Enlarge)


Excuse me for not naming names, but anyone who was (and is) present after last night's video, throwing theories around and coming up with ideas about what this clue could be, deserves lots of credit. There were tons of people in the chat room last night and everyone was helping each other try different ways of solving the braille mystery.

Feel free to email any of us about an idea or solution you may have for further posts about the braille. There is enough in the comments of this post alone to scrutinize over. And please continue the discussion this weekend in the DarkUFO chat room and in the comments of posts here on the site. :)


There are numerous guesses going around in the comments and in the chat room about the translation of the braille. Check out the comments to see some of the possible translations.

Original Post:

As we and numerous readers have noticed there is (what appears to be) braille in a frame of Sam's latest video diary. Use the comments to post what you can translate the braille into and see where it may turn up as useful (ie; The Maxwell Group website or the Stegosaurus image we learned about earlier this week.) Good luck! :)


Owen said...

All I got was:


Using http://www.quido.cz/objevy/Braille.gif

adam_is_lost said...

The braille translates to "withdxihadfji" is there a message hidden inside that i do no not, and as i dont have the steg program i cant try this as a password, everyone else feel free to do so :D

Opium said...

withdxihadfji doesnt work :/

adam_is_lost said...

Hmm, maybe there is an anogram, or maybe this has nothing to do with the password (which would suck)

Owen said...

the symbols can also represent words:

D = do
X = it
I = in
H = have
A = a
D = do
F = from
J = just
I = in

Anonymous said...

anyone thought of trying


the number translation of

Owen said...

Nope, no luck.

Vanessa said...

I just translated it into Braille music notes:


jep said...

Maybe this is a hint for something else.... maybe it has to do with Morse Code instead. Perhaps you're supposed to look for morse code in the auto email you receive when emailing the Bali Fun Group. Maybe pull out all the dashes and dots and it will spell something?

Vanessa said...

OOPS! I meant


Rafael said...

I think the braille says

with dxihadfji

The first simbol could be the word "with" according to this http://www.quido.cz/objevy/Braille.gif

This also can be read as an expression like

with d x I had d fji

It's making me crazy :-p

Anonymous said...

just a though - if it is an anagram, it could have the word "fiji" in it. fiji had dx... no idea what it could mean.

travis said...

I tried putting it in an anagram solver, but nothing really jumped out at me.

Addictedfan said...

What if you hold the braille up to a mirror and translate it backwards? The clue from the guy in the chat room was typed backwards... just a thought.

travis said...

I took out the word fiji from the string and NOTHING came back.

Rafael said...

@wonderyort i imagined it too, something like:

With the x i had the fiji

Ithilen said...


According to this the sixth braille letter from the right is a "numerical index sign"???

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about Braille, but some of the symbols could also be numbers as well as words, as owen said above. Here is a website with more information: http://www.omniglot.com/writing/braille.htm

I wonder if the single dot translated so far as "a" could be the numeral index sign.

Cobines said...

mirrored image translated to:
ehdfajexf of
and I can't even think of anagram here

Ithilen said...

Whoa, I love how we found like the exact same thing at the same time, Jeff.

Addictedfan said...

Thanks for trying cobines!

Anonymous said...

Freaked me out too.

BiggieSmalls said...


Ithilen said...

Haha, well, ladies and gentlemen. I am going to bed. You'd better have it figured out before I wake up. This is seriously frustrating me to no end. They give us a clue, and it's gibberish... Wait! How about translating it to numbers or letters then trying codes as well, like hex and stuff?

Ithilen said...

I'm probably wrong... but I'm tired so don't blame me.

Victor Hugo said...

the combinations with the omniglot page are a lot. for example you can make complex sentences such as:

with 4 X I have a 4 from just 9.

It's kindda impossible :(

Anonymous said...

Aourmutualfriend42 left a clue in the chat room

www.find815.com/"THAT IS THE QUEST"/index.html



Gabi said...

With the x i had the fiji

maybe the X from the maxwell group compass?

commando_j said...

I tried it as numbers on two lines. But no luck:


The space on the second line is the break between numbers and letters.

serenitysk8r said...

How about this:

He said something about getting things off his chest, and about things on his mind.

On his chest is "79-"

The Braille is on top of his head on the picture -- on his mind.

What if we try some math: 79-(4 x whatever the rest winds up being in numbers)?

Rafael said...

Hey guys take a look at this. Must be coincidence, but i get impressed take a look at date.


Monica said...

there is brille on the top of the screen, but in the middle of the scree there is also morse code

Steff said...

and there is a pic of DHARMA food on the same blog

travis said...

serenity: you're right 79-

The - is definitely tape or something...couple that with the strange dialog and you've got a clue!

Monica said...

There are other screencaps I got.


Cobines said...

The quest is to find 815, if that's what he meant.

Daniel said...

I take it to mean..


Vanessa said...

or find Sonya

Vanessa said...

in American Modified Braille I get


In standard Braille I get


Numbers -


Vanessa said...

What about using numbers as coordinates?

Vanessa said...

Here's a really good Braille site


Vanessa said...

Translated with words/abbreviations:

with do i(or 9) have a do from i(or 9)

Vanessa said...

Sorry guys, I am a complete idiot and left out two letters/words!


with do go i have a do from just i

Jack said...

right at the end of the video when he stands up, it totally looks like his shirts says 792
instead of 79-

Heather said...

If you flip it over - it translates into -
if j had ixhq

Just thought I would try something different.

foxy_bebel said...

ok so after all, you guys got the picture up there but what is the damn password?

Vanessa said...

that pic was just one of the frames that opium moved around like a puzzle

Congested said...

Keep in mind foxy_bebel that the braille may have nothing to do with the password.

Cobines said...

it's not 2 . it is just a light from the lamp on the shirt. it is definitely -, as can be clearly seen at the start of the vid

Anonymous said...

what if OMF was telling us to look at those 3 sites. what if they're the clues? what if the periods and dashes on those sites add up to be more morse code that add into this search?

I'm grasping at straws.

Kirsten said...

cobines: there are different numbers on his shirt at the end of the video

at the beginning it is 79-
at the end it is 792

see screen caps over on Oceanic Conspiracies

SMC said...

Do letter have anything to do with any of maxwells equations ??

Cobines said...

i've looked at the video frame by frame. i'm very sure it's only a light.

Kirsten said...

try this link to see the pic of his shirt


thebruce said...

cross-posting what I posted in the previous entry - here are the various braille transliterations by set...


with/will do it i have a do from just i


musical notes:
B (whole)
C (8th)
rest (8th)
A (8th)
G (8th)
next note octave up
C (8th) (high C)
E (8th)
B (8th)
A (8th)

Cobines said...

brighten up the film and watch frame by frame. you can clearly see the "2" forming. at first it's not there, than when he stands up it is.

Cobines said...

I took the word "with" as single letters and made it "what". I came up with some new possibilities like:

what did fix jih
what dx hid fiji

Maybe it's not a complete message and some letters are missing. If it is a clue, then it could be a question, to which an answer is a password.

I was thinking that maybe it has something to do with Maxwell, with what he did for science or something (we also had Faraday and Ampere).

SMC said...


In the Maxwell's equations in terms of differential forms section

Minkowski is mentioned ????

supafuzz said...

Hi all first time posting so bear with me.

I downloaded a braille transcribing program called polkadot (I believe) and input the symbols in and then converted it to ASCII. This is what it output.


I tried this and )dxihadji as the password and neither worked.

The ) at the beginning seems out of place so using the braille 2 translation gives you


After some googling about ham radio both DX and FJI were referenced.

DX meaning either the actual activity of operating a radio (DXing) or it could be a slang term for distance.

FJI is the Ham radio abbreviation for Fiji.

Just a couple of other random thoughts..

there are different braille codes for different languages. In Japanese the braille reads


jibberish to me, but I dont speak Japanese.

If you made it this far thanks.I'm sorry I dont have any answers but hopefully the smart people might e able to use something I found.

Tired time for sleep now.

andrea said...

The right translation (of what we can see) should be the one posted by Steff:

"with [who is a grade 2 braille contraction] d x i h a d f j i".

None of these are capital letters, because in braille there's a sign that means "capital". And there's also a sign that means "numbers", so the braille symbols in Sam's video are simple letters.


As you know, the first sign is a contraction of grade 2. ...So, maybe also the other symbols are contractions. In this case: "With do it I have a do from just I".


Somebody, in the chatroom, thought that under some of the braille symbols there's a bar hiding other dots.
The new possibilities are:
01) WITH
02) D
03) X
04) I or S
05) H or R
06) A or K or U or CH
07) D or N or Y or TH
08) F or P or AND
09) J or T or W
10) I

Using the grade 2 contractions:
01) WITH
02) DO
03) IT
04) I or SO or THE
07) DO or NOT or YOU or THIS or TH
08) FROM or PEOPLE or AND or ED
09) JUST or THAT or WILL
10) I

Anonymous said...

using the mirror image technique i was able to come up with:

r,f,x,e,j,accent sign,fdeh

then using the alphabet to numbers code i got:

18,6,24,5,10 - 6,4,5,8

Aunt Bee said...

what if one or both of the bottom dots on the first character are a distortion and not an actual dot? that could make "with" into either "that" "will" or "just"

Anonymous said...

Just to throw something else out there.

DXI = 511 in Roman Numerals

Taíka said...

Any relation to Xid - Java 2 Platform SE v1.4.2???

With Xid...

Just trying...sorry if it's nonsense :)

DarkVVind said...

It is possible we are not getting the whole message due to the crosshatching noise or interference in the braille.


Hoku said...

DX = method of hearing radio broadcasts over long distance


FJI = Fiji, or its airline (Air Pacific)


The braille is definitely: withdxihadfji

I see no punctuation, no capital letter indicators (rules out DX and FJI since they are capitals, unless the game creators wrote it incorrectly), no number indicators, and it is NOT "withdxiheardfji" as the contraction for heard in braille is "herd" not "had".

You can tell I put some time into this, my head is gonna explode! On the bright side I taught myself to read and write braille....LMAO

Anonymous said...

Just shooting but it may be the password for the maxwell site.

feddawg said...

After a night of sleep a few observations on OMF42. I believe the "Carpe Diem" post was OMF42 and a mulit-level reference, sieze the day as in we had the rest of the day to break the password before the baliholidayfun.com site was in the Tracey email that evening, and the red frame in the recap video reflecting the anagram. This seems to be intimating that Sam is the real OMF42.

Also last nite on chat an OMF42 post made reference to the fact that we were looking at the "braille" frame the wrong way. I believe it could be a suggestion that the clue for the password is already there but we are blind to it. Going to spend the day looking over the BHF stuff again.

Julio Antonio said...

It seems someone figure out the password on the chat.
The braile code is a mirror image:

This password changes the message from "invalid password" to "Image not in GZIP format". SO we may be looking at the wrong image.

Twinkle said...

Could it be a maxwell image we need to look at?

Twinkle said...

Unless we know for sure the image of the stegosaurus is the stegged image, it could have been, as some have suggested, a clue about steganography?

Julio Antonio said...



Twinkle said...

Or the BaliHolidayFun.jpg?

Thanks for all the work you're putting into this. Finding the Maxwell pictures in the video was impressive too. Keep up the good work. And somebody has tried Sonya as a password, right? (sorry for my ignorance)

Seems like it could be Tracey R trying to communicate something subliminal to Sam? Her e-mail, her vacation site, her camera tape...

Tom said...

Last night OMF42 kept saying things were not as they appeared to "BE". (Capitalized.)

Two thoughts:

1. turn the letters B and E clockwise and mash them up a bit, and they look like the symbol for "NOT".

2. BE means Braille English, and the message means although it appears to be braille, it is not. A 3-bit or 6-bit code? Check out images of papertape - some look remarkably similar.


Bolivar Baez (2006-5715) said...

It can't be Tracey R. It is the person from the maxwell group who started all. Since maxwell group is part of widmore, my guess it is Penny. She has the money, and the has the interest in finding Desmond.

andrea said...

Sorry, Julio Antonio, but I don't think


as completely right.. The "a" symbol mirrored is no more an "a": it becams the sign for the numbers.. (after that sign there are numbers, not letters)

Or am I wrong?

feddawg said...

Thanks Tom, I didn't have the quote from OMF when he hit the chat last night but it did occur during the height of the braille discussion so I believe it has some relevance.

feddawg said...

It is also interesting to note that an OMF came into chat and pointed to 3 pages on the find815. com site.

Couldn't get a good read on if this one was a poser or not but the 3 pages are all jpegs so there is no embedded data. Could be something else that ties them together.

Anonymous said...

I think that last night, after "OMF42" said we were looking at it the wrong way, he also said "bullshit". I don't think that was really him.

In chat last night, I mentioned googling Fiji and DX and I came up with the site that explained that DX radio is very popular in Fiji. The two things fit really well together and I don't see any reason to read more into the Braille than "with DX I had Fji" No variation that I could come up with works as a password in Stego though...

this was that DX/Fiji site


Anonymous said...


The Stegosaurus image is stegged for sure. If you try to open other images with Opensteg, like the Bali site, it tells you there is no stegged image. WIth the stegosaurus, it asks for a password.

Anonymous said...

i thought about the black dots being binary like a dot=1 and a space =0 but u just get nonsense out of it. at least if u translate it from left to right the 2 and a half rows....
u get [)6L„ÁM!

Franech Johilan said...

Has anyone tried to call Oceanic Air? Because the morse code "OPENSTEGO" came via the message from "Sean Dowling" and Sean said he would write a letter later and if Sam had any questions he should call.

Sprocket said...

Just thought I'd post here since I've been talking about it in chat...
I've tried converting the braille using musical braille.

I tried converting it using 3 different ways... as we see the braille, flipped horizontally and flipped vertically.

Vertically gives just garbage (mostly intervals and octave markers) but the standard and horizontal actually give us tuneful melodies...

www.ryanleston.com/files/braille.mid is the standard version

www.ryanlleston.com/files/braillehor.mid is translated from the image flipped horizontally.

I tried the note names as passwords, no dice.. but I wondered if these might be from songs/tunes that could be used as passwords?

XaRen said...

hey, something came in my mind, but I am not sure, if it's useful, so I write it down here, so we can discuss it.

We found this maxwell image in the video, it was reversed and mixed up.
Maybe this is a hint for the braille signs as well.

If you invert the signs, having blanks where the dots are and dots where there were blanks before, you get

*- -- -- *- -* -* -- -- *- **
-- *- ** -* -- ** *- -* -- -*
-- ** -- ** ** ** ** ** ** **

I translated this with the picture postet on the blog for the braille alphabet:

? / his
z / as
? / his
was / by

In the maxwell pictures, some of the peaces where mirrored as well. If you do this with the inverted braille, you can translate it into

sign for accent
f / from
: / con / cc
n / not
sh / shall
f / from
d / do
m / more
y / you

Following the result for the maxwell picture, maybe we have to invert the braille code first and then mirror some peaces and order them in a new way?

Could this be possible?

At that point I am stuck, but maybe someone else has an idea?

Hope that you were able to follow my thoughts. ;)

Terry said...


i googled gzip and this is what i got. it's basically a type of zip file. cant get the program to work on my comp though. can anyone else try messing aroundwith it?

Matt the Pale said...

Dudu Maroja said...
Aourmutualfriend42 left a clue in the chat room

www.find815.com/"THAT IS THE QUEST"/index.html


feddawg said...
It is also interesting to note that an OMF came into chat and pointed to 3 pages on the find815. com site.

Couldn't get a good read on if this one was a poser or not but the 3 pages are all jpegs so there is no embedded data. Could be something else that ties them together.


These two comments go together.

We need to find a combination of letters (I'm pretty sure it'll be three of them, since that seems to be the M.O.) that goes to another subdirectory on the find815.com website.

All of the subdirectories of the find815.com website that we've been given so far use three letters. Perhaps's we're looking for another combination of three letters to give us a new page.

Congested said...

Last night in the chat someone (sorry I forget who :( ) tried going through /axx/ and i got about 1/4 through /bxx/. Maybe if we divide the work load we can get through every letter combination of directories.

Though it would be much better if someone could script this or something :/

DwsLost said...
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Jeff said...
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adam_is_lost said...

@ Matt the Pale, i totaly agree, i think OMF is giving us hints that we have to experiment with different letters to try and find images within the find 815 server.

When i get some time ill use my extensive knowledge :P and try some different letters out.

Jeff said...

Ok folks, I remember many of us in the chat last night trying to figure out anagrams for what we could make out from the "withdxihadfji" braille, but that ppl were only really coming up with some form of "jihad width fix" or gibberish. That said, I just took it upon myself to try figuring out what it could rearrange to by myself (no websites/programs) and got some startling results:

1. Fix what I hid JD
2. I fix what JD hid
3. Hi JD fix what ID
4. I did what JH fix
5. What if I did JX
6. If I did what JX
7. With Dad I fix HJ
8. Hi JT Wid hid fax
9. TX Wid had Fiji H
10. D had WX hit Fiji
11. Ha TX Wid hid FJI
12. I TX HDW had Fiji

Obviously wherever I have two letters that appear to be initials, the alternative is also possible. Do we know any characters from Find815 or the show in general with such initials? Wid would undoubtedly stand for Widmore (Charles or Penny) or Widmore Industries. Following that same line of thought, Dad might be Penny referring to her dad Charles Widmore. TX is radio shorthand for "transmit" or "transmission," and WX is radio shorthand for "weather." HDW might stand for Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft, a German shipping company founded in 1838, possibly connected to Magnus Hanso and the New World Sea Traders.

Anonymous said...

Ok, random thought, and I could be way off base. But if we're looking at the braille wrong, maybe it's because we're not meant to translate it.

The hidden image in here was of James Clerk maxwell from Wikipedia. We figured out we'd need to use morse code because we got an anagram of Samuel Morse. So maybe the clue has something to do with Louis Braille. Maybe try variations on his name as a code? Do anagrams give us anything? I've been checking his wikipedia page for hints, but I've got nothing.

adam_is_lost said...

@congested, yer would be a help if people were given certain combinations to try i.e one person goes through all the combinations oh A, B and C.

But keep this in mind, it might not have to be 3 letters, im saying this because:
"/sss/index.html" the sss realates to "slaveshipsearch"

"amq/index.html" the amq relates to "answermyquestions"

so what im gettin at is, what if there is a sub directory that only has two letters or four letters, you get what im sayin? lol

feddawg said...

This is the prize to the game, I think the guys at HOOLUM would have thought of that. I think result of logging onto the Maxwell site and breaking the password for the png file will yield the same thing. I think the Maxwell solution is tied to the story arc of the game and the png solution is for the dedicated fans. Let's break this thing open.

Cobines said...

i have tried all the 3 letter combinations, and found only amq, bhf, sss. no more brute forcing for me.

Tom said...

Randomyort - back up a step.

Maybe the pic of JCMaxwell telling us we need to use something related to him to decode. Namely, something from the Maxwell Equations.


Celeste said...

it's amazing to see what all of you have accomplished!! I'm sorry that I have nothing interesting to add..
but the only thing is that I saw a few days ago a post at ABC.COM in the LOST FORUM, about s'one who'd seem to find on a website PENNY WIDMORE'S e-mail address. The guy even posted the reply she have, which seemed very much part of the game too.
Now, I've tried to locate that same post again, but it seems to have banished, anyone care to give it a try???

Celeste said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@tom i thought of that but....er... math is not my strong point. I couldn't make any sense of it.

Whitey_14 said...

hi i just wondered if anyone had listened to what Sam is saying for clues. i have seen a screencap of the brail with subtitles on and at that moment he says "i mean i'll have to hack in, but it will be a piece of cake"

Can anyone get cake names out of the brail letters to use as the password?
or think of what he is suggesting. at the time i first watched the video i thought he was trying to pass on a message.

ferraudo said...

Look picture?


I rotated the picture in 90 because some images(red circles), are mirrored in Diagonal(Green color).





I too counted the black points and the hidden points:

black 5342313332
hidden 1324353332

But i think that the code is in number form!!!!

elpaw said...

@cobines - did you try bruteforcing both capital letters and small letters? for example, TMG exists, but tmg doesnt. so you have to check abc, abC, aBc, aBC, Abc, AbC, ABc and ABC. It's a horrible mess that would take a good few hours.

elpaw said...

@cobines, also you missed out fop, so maybe you missed more out.

Lost 2010 said...

Tom said...
Last night OMF42 kept saying things were not as they appeared to "BE". (Capitalized.)

Can anyone get anything out of the fact that B and E are the variables in the Maxwell equations for magnetic field and electric field.

tdciago said...

Last night OMF42 kept saying things were not as they appeared to "BE". (Capitalized.)

www.find815.com/"THAT IS THE QUEST"/index.html

To BE or not to BE, THAT IS THE QUESTion.

Anybody try passwords related to "Hamlet"?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure stegosaurus is a right image and ehdfajexfr is a right password. We just have to make the program work, smth's wrong either with latest version of OpenStego or with my version of Java.

Here's a complete error message from the Run.. screen (had to change <> to "")

java -jar K:\openstego-0.3.2\openstego-0.3.2\lib\openstego.jar extract -sf K:\stegosaurus.png -p ehdfajexfr

Exception in thread "main" net.sourceforge.openstego.OpenStegoException: java.io.IOException: Not in GZIP format
at net.sourceforge.openstego.OpenStego.extractData(OpenStego.java:221)
at net.sourceforge.openstego.OpenStego.extractData(OpenStego.java:235)
at net.sourceforge.openstego.OpenStego.main(OpenStego.java:499)
Caused by: java.io.IOException: Not in GZIP format
at java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream.readHeader(Unknown Source)
at java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream."init"(Unknown Source)
at java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream."init"(Unknown Source)
at net.sourceforge.openstego.OpenStego.extractData(OpenStego.java:206)
... 2 more

Terry said...

note that in the error message it says "Not in GZIP format" below is a post i put up earlier.


i googled gzip and this is what i got. it's basically a type of zip file. cant get the program to work on my comp though. can anyone else try messing aroundwith it?"

Cobines said...

Nope, i tried only small letters and you're right i somehow missed "fop"...damn.

This error says that the stream was wrongly decoded. It means the password is wrong. The OpenStego is working fine. Following passwords for example give the same error:

commando_j said...

I just opened the Add Comments for this and I saw the text
"108 Comments". No one else will see it after my post!

Vanessa said...

I think the BE just meant that it's all in lowercase, not caps b/c no caps symbol is used. I think some of us knew this already but were still just typing in caps

BiggieSmalls said...

maybe the mirrored braille is an another anagram?


Rafael said...

for those who are following the OMF42 about the possible subfolder at find815.com i've made a test wich is running now. it's testing all 17576 possible words with 3 letters. when it finishes i post here the results.

angel said...

yesterday OMF42 said also "the storm is coming"

Erik said...

That's a good idea rafael. They designed the directory structure to be simple. I think the reason is so we 'hack' at it.

ProtomanP1 said...


Is there anyone here who knows how to make a server think that you some from a specific ip? this is the ip from find815, if i can me it as if I am comming from this ip, i could get access to forbidden directories

plz mail me at ProtomanP1@live.nl

Darwin Duck said...

Rafael, I already try a brute-force with 3 letters, my generated list has 37.910 entries and the only valid directories is know. I'm running a brute-force with 4-7 letters.

elpaw said...

@ rafael - I believe there are 238328 different possibilities. Why? because I assume you have to also check addresses consisting of Capital Letters and numbers 0-9.

mattcar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mattcar said...

another thing I wanted to put up here is the list of all the known websites. That OMF42's format are as follows.

SMC said...

I still think Maxwells equations have some meaning.

Minkowski is Mentioned and in "http://find815.blogspot.com/2008/01/clue-about-steganography-password.html" Ampére left the message patience clue in video later

Ampere is mentioned heaps in Maxwells equations aswell.

Prob pissing into the wind but like someone said earlier, not the best with maths so someone else might have some luck.

Rafael said...

guys you're right. i forgot capitalized and number. i'm tring agian with those too.
only with lowercase chars returned only the ones we alredy knows.

it's processing in paralell but will take a lot of time.

don't put your faith on it, it seems a fake clue.

feddawg said...

I don't think it's a fake but HOODLUM would be smarter than to put the site in the same type of directory.

Jeff said...

This is the autoreply you get when you email Penny:

"Thank you for your message. I realize that you may be eager to help me in my quest and I appreciate your interest in my mission. However, because of security concerns, I must exert control over my communication systems. Distractions from my work could have monumental repercussions for the involved parties. Therefore, I must limit my communication to only those people whom I trust and feel have legitimate value in aiding my cause.

I do apologize for the seeming lack of courtesy, but I hope you will be understanding of my position.

Kind regards,


Anyone care to find clues?

Anonymous said...

So the last two video updates, there has been a 'flash' that was a premonition of something that came up in the following chapter:

1) The flash of Talbot -> Talbot appears
2) The flash of the "black rock salvage" -> Sam finds those documents

Therefore, it seems possible to me that the 'flash' of the braille is some kind of premonition of something that will happen in the next chapter.

That is, not necessarily related to any kind of password.

pst! said...

some thoughts (i get too tired too elaborate them further, maybe someone might want to take a look at it):

* the sign commonly translated as "with" can also be a ")"
* seeing the season 4 clue is a newspaper in french: that sign in french braille is "ù"
* code in hex: 29 44 58 49 48 41 44 46 4A 49
* in decimal: 41 68 88 73 72 65 68 70 74 73

...and, yea, i tend to agree with dante

Anonymous said...

Regarding possible directories i have bad news. I checked ALL possible directories from aaa to zzz and from AAA to ZZZ using a (php generated) list and "URL Checker". Both lowercase and uppercase. There are 34568(!) possible combinations and there isn't ONE directory @ find815.com that's online we don't know about yet. You can try for yourself, download upper.txt and lower.txt for all possible combinations from my website and try for yourself:

David said...

Maxwell Demon


Tom said...

Maxwell's Demon. Interesting find, especially as it is also called Maxwell's Paradox (the hamlet reference? to BE or not to BE?)

Probably coincidental - don't see where you would go with that info.

James said...

I to was a sign...perhaps the braille is up side down.

stefano said...

Probably yesterday I posted in the wrong thread, 'cos I cannot find it here:
We have a braille code, a puzzle image of James Makwell, and a completely red frame (carpe diem...do you remember the anagram?)
Maxwell is the first person who managed to create a color image, overlaying blue green and red version of the same image. Maybe there's some kind of key in the red frame but if it's written in red we should try to overlay the picture with different colors to make it visible

elpaw said...

@ lemonist - it could also be a combination of Upper & lower case, e.g. AbC. Also a combination of numbers e.g. Ab7

Anonymous said...

Jeff Said:
7. With Dad I fix HJ

Well, Hurley used to fix cars with his Dad, and the H could stand for Hurley, which just leves the J, which could stand for Jorge, which I doubt but hey.

I also believe the Maxwell site is the prize and contains something for season 4 and we will get our final clue to opening that page after the season 4 premier and use the username and password we figure out on 2/1, the day after the premier. Just me thoughts.

Anonymous said...

has anyone tried the password fiji or fji for the website??

thenickodemus said...

Food for thought... if you interpret the braille to mean that Sam had radio contact with fiji, the radio prefix for fiji is 3D2. I've tried this with several two letter combinations following (that's how amateur radio identifiers work) such as 3D2JM (for james maxwell like the image clue). Works calling me, so I can't try any more now but may be a lead with the two clues combining for the password...

Natalie said...

I am not really playing the game, but watching it, really (I have a toddler and therefore no time).

I am intrigued with the amount of number clues that have been given at this point, James Clerk Maxwell, and am wondering if any physicists/mathematicians out there had tried thinking of dx in the braille as an element of an equation. Maybe this is far fetched, but since no one had suggested it yet, I thought I'd throw it out there.

mattcar said...

Dark confirmed the E-mail address for Penny is a fake so I deleted my comment to not confuse any one.

Wrezz said...

First Post! Bear with me here...

Pertaining to the braile, i may have found something, the only words that didnt make grammatical sense were DX and FJI, i originally thought of airport codes, such as HOU for Houston Texas, but no known airports show up. So then i tried airlines, after all, what we all are so eargerly looking for is a plane. DX turns out to be the IATA code for Danish Air Transport, although not suspicious by itself, isn't Alvar/Magnus Hanso, and by extension, the Black Rock Danish? Just a thought. FJI is the IATA code for Air Pacific, interestingly, the Pacific region is exactly where we are looking at the moment with the Sunda trench and all that jazz. I seriously doubt whether the makers of find815 would willingly incorperate/incriminate real-life companies into the game, however, anything is possible.

Also, the rate that everyone is analysing this braile code, someone will find out that it sings happy birthday or something like that. What i'm trying to say is, i feel alot of people (inluding myself) are looking into this this FAR too deeply.

I hope you enjoyed my little essay, i don't know how much help it will be. :S


Celeste said...

@ jeff: thanks for finding it! Have you tried replying back? Well of course you must've! LOL, I mean, does she respond anything else when you reply??

Wrezz said...

This could be the start of a massive airline conspiracy as a front of multi-national, psuedo-omnipotent corporations with questionable ethics. Maybe not, but just quite maybe...


klarax said...

if anyone thinks they have cracked this hidden brail message. please let me know, i believe that it is linked to the password to access the opensetgo picture of the dinosuar.

my contact address is:


klarax said...

since a previous post mentioned that the password was ehdfajexfr. and that the .png file hade to be a .gzip format, i downloaded the program and changed the .png file to a .gzip file.

However, the program: openstego does not allow .gzip files to be opened with it, it has to be a .png file.

In short i think we need the correct .png file (not the dinosauar one), that has .gzip embedded into already.

Pablo said...

DXIHADFJI (4 24 9 8 1 4 6 10 9)
X H A D ---->24814(2,4,8,14...22????)

Pablo said...


mattcar said...

to klarax: someone e-mailed the maker of Openstego and he said the gzip thing just means wrong password still. they posted it on Dark's page if you look you should be able to see it . We are working with the right pic but the password must be something clever because no one has found it and alot of people are trying.

tvwatcherinvt said...

I was hoping that someone working on the stego pasword would try these:


and anything that someone smarter than me can come up with about 79.

I know it is prime, a Kynea number, a Pillai prime, non-palindromic, is the atomic number for gold, is the smallest emirp and a lot of wierd facts, from a couple of different web sites dedicated to 79.

why all this about 79...

79 on Sam's chest
the password from the chart plotting activity adds up to 79...36+15+28
and the atomic element for gold (on the Black Rock) is 79

soooo...maybe something to do with 79?

Rachel said...

I don't think the braille means anything yet. However, here's a new theory. OMF42 said Carpe Diem which means Seize the Day. The new video diary had a picture of James Clerk Maxwell. One of the Season 4 clues was Faraday. Get it, day? Seize the day as in Faraday. Not only that, but Faraday is all over Maxwell's wiki page. It's even in the name of a book he wrote.

Rachel said...

Oh yeah, and about 79, Maxwell died in 1879. I think we are thinking too hard here.

Mooncastle said...

How about 'tsunami' for a password?

Cobines said...

I have ripped tens of sites about Maxwell,Faraday (mostly from Wikipedia) in search for a password. I took single, double, triple words in various combinations (upper-,lowercase, all, only first letter of each word, with spaces, dashes and without etc.) and found nothing. I tried several english wordlists also. So far nothing.
The password (if it is a word) could be something original. Remember, how in "Lost" the code to disable the jamming equipment was a song? Who would've thought of that.